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Jul 5, 2008 05:11 PM

Chez Madeline/Petit Un Deux Trois?

Anyone heard anything about this? Was passing by the old Chez Madeline on 43rd, and noticed the awning now says Petit Un Deux Trois. I was under the impression the developer was planning to tear down the building and put up something multi-story. Could the landlord have had a change of heart?

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  1. Yes, I read that somewhere...I guess the economic downturn has stopped him from that course. I'm wondering what this means for their lawsuit?
    This has popped up on their website (scroll down)-

    I'm guessing "Petit" is associated with Un Deux Trois on about bad karma.

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    1. re: David W

      Very interesting....It sounds like it would support their claims of fraudulent eviction. But something about it smells fishy.

    2. I'm just waiting for Le Madeleine to open its doors at the old Locanda dei Vini spot on 9th Ave. I think they're still redoing the space. I used to go there and it's got a lot of sq. footage.

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      1. re: sing me a bar

        Well, that makes me happy. I was sad when I saw that Locanda had closed, I loved their black squid ink pasta, but at least we get Le Madeleine back.

        1. re: sing me a bar

          The report I read was that Le Madeleine was going to re-locate into the space formerly occupied by Rene Pujol.

          Perhaps those negotiations fell through? Is there a sign posted indicating that the Locanda space will be Le Madeleine's new home?