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Shrimp Salad Sandwich

Anyone know where I can find a good shrimp salad sandwich? Will travel.

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  1. 3 Square in Venice has one on the lunch menu, I think. I've had it as part of their three sandwich sampler and it was very good.

    1. Whole Foods stores have shrimp salad sandwiches... to go.

      1. Anisette (Santa Monica) has one on their lunch and brunch menus.

        1. John's garden in the Malibu Country Mart of PCH has a great. Add some avocado and enjoy it at the beach!

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            i have to second john's garden... that's the sandwich i always get!

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              I found their menu online. I am on my way today! Thanks for the recommendation.

            2. Cafe Rodeo makes a spicy shrimp salad.

              1. Kings Road Cafe, on Beverly in WEHO has an interesting take on it. Its not my thing but I have a friend who loves the stuff, so if you're an aficionado you may want to check it out.

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                  I am an aficionado and I will be in WEHO on Wednesday. I will try! Thanks.

                2. My favorite is in the restaurant at Ikea. Not exactly a shrimp salad, but served open faced: lettuce, mayo, hard boiled egg, shrimp, dill and lemon. I guess I am partial since this is the way I grew up eating them. Get it every time I go to Ikea.