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Jul 5, 2008 04:33 PM

American Chicken in JH

Anyone tried American Chicken in Jackson Heights on 37th Ave and 78 st?

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  1. It gets mixed reviews. It takes getting used to from the traditional rotesserie chicken. I've had it six times and like it. It's certainly a bargain. A 1/4 chicken, two sides, pita bread and soda for $5.99 (must order by 5PM). I had it for dinner just two nights ago with yellow rice and mixed veggies. I was extremely pleased with both the chicken and the sides. A generous portion of food and excellent pita bread. The complaints seem to be that it doesn't cook evenly with the inside not being thoroughly cooked. The owner is aware and concerned and is making an effort to fix the problem and please the customers. I plan to return since I prefer charcoal grilled chicken to rotesserie. I've asked the owner to consider adding grilled franks served with onion sauce, sauerkraut & relish. A grilled Salmon, Tuna or Tilapia would also be nice. I hope this place succeeds.

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      I didn't mention that the $5.99 Special includes a can of soda or ice tea.

    2. I ordered baby back ribs with mashed potatoes and tomato salad from here once and the ribs were pretty good, though the mashed potatoes left much to be desired. That was the week they opened, I believe. Today I tried to order and no one answered at 8:45 p.m. or so. They haven't gone out of business already, have they?

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        I walked by just a few minutes ago and they're open. I like for a side order both the yellow rice and mixed veggies. The menu indicates they're open until 11PM every night but this may have changed for the lack of late night business.

      2. It's alright. the chicken does taste really good. and i guess its a deal. a half a chicken deal is more than enough for 2 meals. The sides on the other hand could really use a kick in the butt. half of of the selection are relatives of the cold salad. the other half is regular mashed potatoes, mac and cheese (bland) and other things that really arent that interesting.
        the sauces they give you are kc masterpiece and some sour sauce that I can't get a handle of.

        I guess the food is healthy but I dont look for that in a takeout. so its not for me. chicken is good though.

        grilled salmon or tilapia?? I dont know about that. it will truly be a salad place then. how about french fries or sweet potato casserole with crunchys on top or wings?? some interesting stuffing with cranberrys... give me something good!

        1. I haven't had the rotisserie chicken, but I've ordered burgers and grilled chicken sandwiches from them. It's simple food and hits the mark. It says a lot when the garnishes for their sandwiches are about 110% fresher than those prepared at McDonald's and Wendy's. Delivery guy is awesome and food gets here quick. Would definitely recommend for simple, honest food.

          1. My partner brought home some take-out from there. He loved it, I hated it. I had the WORST gyro I have ever had in my life. I threw most of it out, even though I was hungry. He got chicken with some sides. Very ordinary American food, which is probably why he liked it. To me it was just greasy, salty, & boring.