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Jul 5, 2008 04:26 PM

San Juan, Puerto Rico

My family and I are going to be staying at the Marriott Resort on Condado Beach. It's my husband, my 1 1/2 year old girl, 6 year old boy. We are looking for local out of the way places to eat. We are looking for breakfast lunch and dinner suggestions. Does anyone also happen to know (I know this is supposed to be only about food) some good places for families to visit? I've heard alot about the rainforest. Oh also, does anyone know of any markets to visit for fruit drinks and local snacks? We are looking to make this an "adventure".

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  1. hay Amy, sorry for the delay, but I was away for the weekend, and just returned. I saw that you also replied in various other posts from earlier. There are various places around where you will be staying, a few blocks away there is Via Appia which is a very good pizzeria with other italian dishes but they also have some local dishes. There is a seafood place in front of the Hotel called Miro, which is pretty good, but more on the pricey said that you were looking for a local market, there is one very close it's called La Placita de Santurce, there are a lot of stands during the day, and also a lot of restaurants nearby...Sal y Pimienta, Jose Enrique, and many more.
    As for "adventures" you should def. drive to El Yunque and drive through PiƱones and have some local fritters and some cold coconut water...

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      Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to me. I just copied and pasted your response and added it to my itinerary. I have been looking for several months for things to do and eat, but you are right on. Thank you soooo much I can't wait to go!!

    2. Not for the kids but certainly worth a visit is to the hospitality house. It is a bar next to where the cruise ships dock. If it is still in operation it is a place that serves free samples of the 25 or so rums made in Puerto Rico. Very convenient way to determine your favorite to bring home as a souvenir of your vacation. My personal fave was Ron Del Barrilito 3 star. Still enjoying this brand.

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        wow, I had never heard of this place! Thanks for sharing this info I will definitely try to check it out.

      2. I just came back from the Marriot on Condado Beach on 7/5/08. Truly a paradise within the resort. The breakfast buffet they have is phenomanal if you can afford to do it at least one morning. The coffee shop in the lobby is really good too, really good muffins. Lunch- we ate off the street vendor carts in Old San Juan. There is a Dunkin Donuts down the street. We ate in Old San Juan a lot. There is a bus or taxi from the front of the hotel. Taxi is $15. Traveling with a 1 1/2 year old you may want to think twice about El Yunque unless you have a way to carry your younger child comfortably and your 6 yr old likes to walk, it is a lot of walking. Unfortunately my kids are older so we were not in the same "travel zone" that you will be in as far as child friendly activities. I can tell you you will have a blast at the resort and your 6 year old will not want to leave. The water slide is so much fun! We did eat at Al Dente in Old San Juan, owned by a man from Northern Italy. $128. for 3 of us with wine and dessert. The food and service were fabulous. Be careful traveling in area's outside of where you are. We got lost on the way back from somewhere and stopped to ask for directions back to Dorado where we spent the 1st couple days of our vacation and were told by that person not to ever stop in that area for directions again. Yikes! Luckily he was nice and took us back to where we needed to be. Dorado is nothing great, don't bother. I hear the Fajardo area has lots to do, you may want to check that out. Also the mangos in PR are fabulous, not like what I get in NY. They are smaller and sweet, really good. I could go on and on but I won't. Enjoy your trip,again the Marriot was fabulous and there is plenty to do there and in Old San Juan to keep you busy! I would also request a frig for your room with the kids so they can have juice and stuff.

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          what a thorough and insightful post. Thank you so much. I appreciate all of it! I'm really looking forward to going.

        2. Just got back from the Marriott in Candado and thanks for all the posts and help. Had great meals at Miro, Ropa Vieja and Tuscany (in hotel - really good). Also Via Appia is really good pizza - even by NY standards and I think any of the basic italian-sauce-cheese dishes are likely good (my son had Chicken Parm). Disappointed in Ummo - not great, pricey and a far cry from the Argentinian Steakhouses you find in NYC.