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Jul 5, 2008 03:47 PM

upper east side best ice cream in the 60's-80's?

I am a regular at Maggy Mo's on upper east but where else has great ice cream?
Coldstone is disgusting, cheap ice cream.. sedutto is pretty good
any other places people can recommend?

not frozen yogurt like pinkberry or tasti d-lite though please...

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  1. FYI...Maggie Moo's is closed...gone for many months now

    Have you every tried Emack and Bolio (sp.?) - on First Ave, 'tween 81st and 82nd.

    A Baskin Robbins also on First - - 83 St. (within the Dunkin Donuts)

    1. Not sure if the Maison du Chocolat on Madison Avenue in the 70's have ice cream, but I know that they do in their other location (Rockefeller Center area) and I have heard that it is great. But I myself have not tried it. You might want to check that out. HTH.

      1. Enthusiastically second the rec for Emack and Bolio's.
        A little outside your specified range, but I'd also recommend Ciao Bella gelato shop on E 92nd just west of Madison. The shop offers a lot more flavors than the ubiquitous pints that are sold in many grocery stores.
        Eli's on 3rd and 81st has a small ice cream stall which I've never tried. I would guess that it's probably good but may be relatively pricey (judging by the rest of the store).

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          I live right by that Ciao Bella - I do think the gelato that is scooped there is better than the gelato in the pre-packaged pints, and the pints are more expensive there (even pre-packed) than at markets that sell it. The ice cream at Sarabeth's is available to go - made by Ciao Bella for them - special flavours. I've had the gelato at that Eli's ice cream stand as well and it's very good.