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Jul 5, 2008 03:46 PM

Need Recommendations, newly engaged and the parents are meeting.......HELP

My fiancee and I just got engaged and we are trying to arrange a dinner for the parents to meet. We are trying to put together a list of restaurants in NYC, good for a group of 7 and with a somewhat quiet environment conducive for conversation. Steering away from any sushi places (some in the party don't eat it). Anything nice works, excluding the most expensive of NYC like Per Se, Eleven Madison Park, (no $150 tasting menus haha). Thanks all

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  1. Congratulations. Speaking as a parent, I would want really quiet, unobtrusive service, not a primary focus on food (unless you think there will be nothing else to talk about). I think any Danny Meyer restaurant would do: Union Square Cafe, the Modern, Tabla,etc.

    If you want really quiet -- (we're talking about parents a bit deaf here), try Scalleta (Sp.?) on UWS -- food only ok, but you can hear a pin drop. And people on this board totally disagree, but I think Cafe Des Artistes is a good surround for such occasions.

    Emotions will run high -- it probably doesn't matter where you eat as long as your choice doesn't have a subtext (too expensive, too pretentious, trying to hard to impress). Enjoy.

    1. we just ate last night at Telepan - $64.00 tasting menu - 4 courses - every bite was delicious! On 69th just east of Columbus. nice ambiance, not too fancy, and not too loud.

      1. congrats, jon! that's really wonderful! i think i might prefer somewhere slightly relaxed --no stiff service and nothing overly well mannered if that will make anyone in the party feel less relaxed.

        the round tables and leather banquettes; perfectly attentive, but non hovery or snobby, service; and nice level of background noise at ouest fit that bill. for something a little more formal and quiet, EMP is not a bad choice, either. parents tend to like the food there, though i find service there a little on the hovery side.

        i personally would not choose a super expensive restaurant unless i were planning to pay, but if you want feed back on per se, the food is very good, of course (tho people debate whether it's worth the price tag) and they wait staff is excellent with larger groups. timing is good.

        1. Congrats on the engagement! I suggest Landmarc in Tribeca - they also have an outpost in the Time Warner Center, but it's not as cozy. You can get the round booth upstairs at the Tribeca location and it should be very nice. The foods great, it's reasonably priced, and the wine menu is wonderful!

          1. get a round table at vice versa 51 st 8-9th ave