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new underrated best burger spots

I am a regular to Parker meridien and shake shack. they are some of my favorite burgers.
however, i am pissed off about Corner Bistro, it went downhill the last 2 years. Worse meat, new grill guy that can't cook anything..

But here are two of my favorite new burgers that are under-rated or not even spoken about:

Fairway Cafe- Broadway and 75th street. amazing burger. $8 chesseburger with amazing fries. almost as good as parker meridien.

The One Burger- Lexington btwn 79th 80th street. amazing like fairway. cheap and underrated. its a greesy coffee shop but has the best burgers

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  1. I'm going to have to try The One Burger. I really liked the burger I had at Ottomanelli on Lex. & 93rd - and great waffle fries. I thought both were better than J.G. Melon's. I'd rate it 3rd after Shake Shack and Stand, but I've not tried the one at the Parker Meridian/Burger Joint - lines too long when I've tried.

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      Ruth, as far as BJ goes, i've stood in the middle of the Parker lobby and the wait was less than 15 minutes. From line to filled order, BJ is 5x faster than shake shack. I'm also partial to Burger One due largely that the burgers taste EXACTLY how my father made them while growing up. And while i may be laughed out of the room, I think Goodburger usually gets a worse rap than deserved.

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          5x faster is a bit of an exaggeration. I eat at Burger Joint fairly regularly -- the wait is comparable to Shake Shack, maybe a little shorter. The nice thing about BJ is that you can call ahead. Also, if the line is too long, you can hit Prime Burger nearby. One place that never gets any respect is NY Burger and Co. It's not Shake Shack or Burger Joint, but I've had some nice burgers.

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            I have never waited in a line at burger joint that's been anything close to the line at shake shack. Admittedly, I don't go during weekday lunch hours, but I regularly go during the weekday at night and it's rare to wait more than 15-20 minutes (and often shorter) in line (versus a regular 45+ minute wait at shake shack).

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              Sorry, I meant weekdays from about noon until 3pm. The line is often around the corner in the lobby. It's ridiculous during the summer with tourists adding to the midtown lunch crowd.

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              I've always found NY Burger Co to be underseasoned and overcooked. Their sauces are awesome, though, but to me, that's just masking the inherent flaws in the patty.

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                Yes, they use leaner meat, which makes it very easy to overcook the burgers. Still, I've had some wonderfully pink patties that needed the big brioche bun to contain the juice. I much prefer Shake Shack in the area, but I think this is a backup worth trying when the lines are ridiculous. Never tried the sauces...

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                  The sauces are good, and especially on their fries!

      1. I've only tried it once, so I'll have to report back after at least another sampling, but I ordered the burger at the Grisley Pear, on MacDougal between Bleecker and 3rd, and it was surprisingly good. Of course, the pitcher of beer and the Wednesday night bluegrass jam in the back room featuring "Sheriff Uncle Bob" certainly helped!

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          a great underrated burger spot, especially when the line at the burger joint (perker meridian) is to long, is Astro Dinner on 55th and 6th, classic old school dinner burger....a rarity these days..

        2. there are some great burgers in coffee shops all over town - gracies corner on 86th % 1st pops to mind - though i have not been there since i moved into the low 70's. funny how NYC is a lot of small towns shoved together

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            The Gauchita burger at Estancia in Tribeca is absolutely delicious. It's expensive at $15, but it is truly unique (mixed meat?) and a great meal with some of their wines by the glass.

            Estancia 460
            460 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10013

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              ya its quite good although they served it once on foccacia or something like that and the combination of the bread and the rich meat was way too much. delicious tho.

          2. I know they're both chains, but I've had two really good burgers at Houston's and PJ Clarke's (both on 3rd ave in the 50s).

            1. my top burgers outside of burger joint and shake shack have to be Market Table, Zip Burger (on occasion, though I don't like their pricing for topping scheme), Rare, PJ Clarke's, Houston's , Beast in Brooklyn and Flatbush Farm

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                I've gotta second Market Table, whose burger doesn't get any respect on these boards. Good stuff.

              2. I think Royale (ave C btwn 10th & 9th) should start getting mentioned more and more in top burger lists. Same basic burger technology as corner bistro... butwith out the hassle. Rarely a wait. Outdoor seating. Friendly waitresses. Simple menu offerings. Cheap. And in recent visits, the burger seems to have gotten better... better bun perhaps and more consistently broiled just right.

                1. DuMont Burger is the mecca for me at the moment, but that changes from minute to minute. It's a dense, thick formed burger on a brioche bun, and is plenty juicy.

                  As for corner bistro, I hadn't been for years, and took an out of town friend about 3 weeks ago and we were both underwhelmed - and I was a bit embarrassed for talking them up so much on the walk over.

                  I too love shake shack - but only go at off hours or when its raining to avoid lines - plus they changed their cheese sauce this year - a huge improvement to the cheese fries and flat-top dog ... I digress...

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                    Lucky's on west 52nd street....one great burger!

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                      Lucky's is good - my office orders from there frequently. The burgers travel fairly well but I imagine they're even better fresh!

                  2. I just had a bacon cheeseburger at veselka and thought it was pretty darn good. Perfectly cooked. My only complaint was the roll they used was too wide for the burger, so it went over the meat. But, still quite tasty. And really good french fries.

                      1. A small dive bar by Washington Square Park called The Stoned Crow has great, if greasy burgers. There is an article up front that mentions they have an old fry cook from Corner Bistro. Little atmosphere and limited menu, but friendly bartenders, no wait and great burgers. (I am partial to the sliders which give a better meet/bread/pickle ratio)

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                          1. BLT Burger is really good & has good onion rings too. Both Blue Smoke & Dinosaur BBQ have very good burgers too. The Dinosaur also has some of the best sliders around. They also have brisket & pork slders, yum....

                            1. Not to get all burger listy, but the best I've had in '08 have come from, in order of greatness:
                              (1) The Spotted Pig
                              (2) Little Giant (lunch)
                              (3) Westville East
                              (4) Westville
                              (5) Veselka (!)

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                                I like old fashioned hamburgers, Bouley has a big bloddy burger people rave about it but too bloody for me. I like Walker's, Soup burg, Big Nick's,and yeah white castle but i feel it for hours later.

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                                  i've had the burger at Bouley Upstairs a couple times and really enjoyed - except the last time i went and ordered it medium and it was brought to me so bloody and rare I couldn't eat it - when i told the waiter, he replied it is medium - very snarkily. I asked for it to be cooked a bit more and he took away almost in disgust. Anyways, i really enjoyed it once I got it back 30 seconds later.

                              2. 100% Daddy O's. Meat from Florence Meat Market on Jones St, cheese from Murray's, buns from where great that I'm not remembering... Amazing bacon cheese burger, comes with salty crunchy tater tots! Avaiable noon-4am and always fantastic.

                                1. I know its a chain, but FIve Guys on West 55th has a very good burger. The fries, are so so at best, but the burgers are legit!

                                    1. Fairway Cafe's burger is superb. Mitchel also runs Burgers and Cupcakes on 9th Ave btw 34th-35th streets (i think its that or 35th-35th sts.) and the burgers there are similar to the Fairway ones. Good grilled chix sandwich as well and his pizza joint is right next door...

                                      1. The burger at Prune at lunch is really good. It's bloody, bloody, bloody, though. I like that, but you may not.