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Mar 22, 2003 01:39 AM

Italian Grocery in San Fernando Valley

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Having just moved here, I'm looking for a really good (i.e., authentic) Italian Grocery a la Sorrento in Culver City or Bay Cities in Santa Monica. Is there any such luxury in the Sherman Oaks, Encino, Studio City, Woodland Hills, etc. area?

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  1. Check out Cavaretta's Italian Market on Sherman Way (west of Topanga). I took the recommendation of another hound and am glad I did. It's a find.

    They serve (or you can take away) subs, traditional pasta dishes, cannolli and Italian pastries, and they stock Italian groceries. They also sell homemade (frozen) pizza dough that's quite good.

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      You'll love Cavaretta's from the moment you walk in and smell that smell. Not only is the deli great, but they have a wide selection of packaged Italian foods (but not as good as Bay Cities). Enjoy a sub sitting on folding chairs amid the dried pastas.

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        I did try Cavaretta's and found the deli to be very good, indeed! Pinnochio's is next on the list. Thanks very much for the suggestions.

    2. Pinnochio's in Burbank.

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        They're a little dusty, but good. And they have a fair take out hot-food section.
        3103 W MAGNOLIA BLVD

        3103 W MAGNOLIA BLVD

        I think one is the Deli and one is the hot food cafe. Great grissini bread sticks in the bread section behind the counter. And I think they have zampone around Xmas.

      2. Try Domingo's on Ventura in Encino, almost Tarzana. They have great sauces, even for a picky Italian family like mine. And a few doors down in Nicolosi Bakery where you can get amazing cannoli, cream puffs, napoleons, etc. to complete the meal.

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          I concur with Domingo's, EXCEPT - they put OLIVES in their tuna salad. UGH.

        2. If you don't mind driving a little north of there, try The Italia Deli in Agoura Hills. They have a nicely stocked market with some very reasonable imported Italian wines. All of the cold cuts you need plus they carry Polish ham. Great subs and pizzas and they bake their own bread right on the premises. (My only negative is the crust should have been harder for Italian bread)

          They have their own website and you can find directions there. Its in the shopping center on the Northwest side of Kanan Road and Thousand Oaks Blvd.