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Jul 5, 2008 03:20 PM

Headed south of Memphis ,

My grandson is playing in the Dizzy Dean World Series in South Haven, MS . DD cannot travel due to a problem pregnancy, so Grandma and Grandpa volunteered to take him. I know we will be enjoying the kids games alot, but we need good places to eat. Grandson is a big eater for a 10 yr old and eats about anything that doesn't eat him. Would love some suggestions. I know Memphis BBQ will be mentioned. We are from KC and love our BBQ. Would be willing to try some good Memphis style BBQ!!

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  1. I've never been myself (to any of their locations), but The Pig has a location right by where the games will be played at Snowden Grove Park. If nothing else, it's the most convenient barbecue possible. Also, from what I read, Bangkok Alley has pretty palatable and mainstream Thai food right by the ballpark.

    1. Interstate BBQ has a Southaven location that would give you some great Memphis BBQ. There are quite a few decent Mexican restaurants around the area. Huey's would probably be fun for you, too. They're a local Memphis chain for good hamburgers, and the atmosphere is great - they want you to write on the walls and expect you to shoot your toothpick into the ceiling tiles. It would be a little bit of a drive from Southaven, but Olive Branch Catfish Company does really great fried Mississippi catfish in very generous portions. Leelavadee is a really great Thai restaurant if he's adventurous that way.

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        Downtown Memphis is Charlie Vergos Rendezvous. It's tucked in an alley across from the luxurious old Peabody Hotel (your 10-year-old would definitely enjoy the 5 p.m. daily duck walk through the lobby of the Peabody; it's free). The Rendezvous is the master of "dry" pork ribs, seasoned with a vinegar-paprika-spice mixture that seals in the flavor. They're dark brown, crusty, lean and moist. Dry ribs aren't as messy as wet ribs. It's a big restaurant, about 400 seats, and it's in a picturesque cellar in the alley.
        Charlie Vergios Rendezvous, 52 South Second Street, Memphis 38103. 901.523.2748 or 800.524.5554.

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          Thank you all for the recommendations! We enjoyed our stay, even though the kids did not do well in their games and we are home a few days earlier than planned. We did eat at Rendezvous and it was great! Only bad thing was leaving the place and we had a box of what we couldn't eat and all these homeless people were running up to us asking for our food. We went to the car, and I told DH lets go back to the motel instead of walking down Beale St. again. Interstate BBQ was good too, the coleslaw was to die for. Grandson loved huey's, never could get a toothpick to the ceiling, bless his heart he tried so hard! But he did get to write his name on the wall.

          Again, thank you so much! We truly enjoyed Memphis!