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Jul 5, 2008 03:19 PM

Anniversary Dinner

I would like to find a nice place to go for our anniversary this week.
Near the water would be especially nice.
We live in Southern Manalapan and are willing to travel a bit.
all recommendations are welcome

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  1. Msklapkin - First and foremost, congratulations on your anniversary. Second, I'm not sure if you've read the post on waterside dinning, but there really isn't anything in this area on the water that is chowworthy let alone some place special to celebrate an anniversary. Not to sound like a broken record, but the best restaurant to celebrate a special occasion in Nicholas in Middletown. The only issue is whether you can get a reservation on short notice (you would have better luck dining during the week). Two others out of the area are David Drake in Rahway and Restaurant Lorena in Maplewood. Good Luck and Happy Anniversary.

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      I was able to get a reservation at Nicholas thru Open Table.
      Black Trumpet looked good as well.
      will discuss with Husband to get his opinion
      (It is our 32nd Anniversary!)

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        Msklapkin - Good for you. You will will love Nicholas. Nicholas is in a completely different league than Black Trumpet and to be honest, I didn't enjoy my one and only meal there last year. Good Luck and enjoy your dinner.

    2. What about The Black Trumpet in Spring Lake? After, you can go for a stroll on the boardwalk since it it across the street.

      I agree with bgut on David Drake and Lorena's. It is hard to find good food by the water.

      Happy Anniversary!!


      1. We went to Nicholas last night.
        No one had told me how much FUN this was going to be!
        We had 7:00 reservations, arrived a bit early and were seated immediately.
        It was a bit intimidating at first, since the restaurant was not full so there were more waitstaff than diners and all the milling about made us uncomfortable.
        Once we relaxed, it was fun to watch everyone buzzing around!

        Wine- we asked if they had a bottle of Jordan- they did not, but did recommend 2 wines that were similar and reasonably priced. We loved the wine!
        Food-I had a 3 course dinner and my husband had the tasting menu

        My meal was caviar and lobster salad followed by the lobster- the Lobster main dish was wonderful-without a doubt I would order again.
        My husband had crabmeat salad, followed by scallop (only 1 but again it was tasting!), salmon, veal and then cheese and desert.
        Each dish was more fun to share than the last and we looked forward to with anticipation.

        the warm chocolate cake and ice cream was sinful for dessert.

        Service- as others said- the service is attentive, but comfortable. we are not used to being fussed upon so much, but as the evening went on, you definitely can bond with your staff and enjoy.
        I had mentioned on Open Table that it was our anniversary and we had candles and Anniversary wishes on our dessert plate- a very nice touch.
        the table was cleared, miscellaneous plates removed and wine and water glasses always filled.

        I think this restaurant was on par with any we ate in in Greenwich Connecticut or the Hamptons.

        We left with Banana Bread, Chocolates and a smile on our faces- it was such a nice evening.
        thank you for the recommendation

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          Msklapkin - I'm happy you enjoyed your meal.