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Jul 5, 2008 01:30 PM

Seeking recs for high-end rest. with delicious food nice atmosphere

An out-of-town colleague who has prospered would like to take me out, my choice of anywhere, when he's next in NYC. He loves fine wine and high end places (think Le Bec Fin in Phil.). For my part, I would like to experience such a place but most enjoy places with vivid food (found Degustation a great idea but the food not memorable) and what I experience as an unaffected atmosphere (FYI, I stopped going to Union Sq. C. and the restaurant part of GT long ago as I found them fake on both food and service.) also don't want much chance of attitude, which rules out Babbo - many on the board report a fine time, but several don't...

So - Per Se (if the reservation thing can work)? Jean-George? EMP? Perry Street? Is Wallsee a step below? WD-50? Other ideas?

Thanks... and I *will* report.

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  1. I've never experienced anything but gracious service at Babbo- no attitude, ever.

    1. add le bernardin to your list of considerations

      1. My recommendations are Aureole, Bouley and Eleven Madison Park. All have great food, great wine lists, attentive service (not fake) and lovely decor. Wallse has very good food but is not a "high end" restaurant.