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Jul 5, 2008 11:44 AM

Recs Near Connecticut College?

Hi, I'm visiting Connecticut College (staying in Groton) and look for a dinner recommendation. Nothing too fancy, but what's really good in the area? This seems to be a big area for seafood (husband would love fried clams or oysters), but I'm really just interested in going somewhere great. Thanks!

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  1. I like this place.
    I like to sit on the back deck, sometimes a sub will
    be leaving or returning to sea.

    1. Capt. Scott's Lobster Dock in New London. If you want seafood it's the best place around.

      1. I just ate at Paul's (twice in a weekend, once for dinner and the next day for lunch!) and I also was at Capt Scott's the day after lunch at Paul's. Both are excellent. Great homemade pastas at Paul's with the most reasonable prices around. The OP said she was interested in fried clams so with that as a guide I would pick Capt. Scott's...lots of fried seafood on their menu and one of the best lobster rolls in the area. Capt Scott's is an outdoor restaurant with no wait persons. You order at one window and pick up your food at another....picnic tables with a nice view of the river and boats. A little further away in Noank is Seahorse restaurant....great seafood including fried clams and a lot more. Indoors with waitstaff, etc. Very good...reasonably priced...

        1. I love Abbott's in Noank:

          It's only open in the summer, but it's a real treat - classic New England seafood.