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Jul 5, 2008 11:30 AM

Jean Georges for the non-seafood-eater

So, I'm allergic to all seafood. I called Jean Georges and asked if they had substitutions, and they promised they could prepare me a fresh meal with no seafood at all. I am still a bit hesitant. Worst comes to worst, I leave and call AmEx to find me a table somewhere else, but considering I'd like to have a nice time, I'd like to avoid that.

Anybody who's been here, please tell me, do they offer other menus up front that don't have seafood on them. On the website, they list only seafood for their dinner menus. My other option is Daniel NYC.

I wasn't impressed with Per Se last time, and their lack of wines from Provence off set me (from their 41 page wine list, 3 wines from Provence!).

So, what's the verdict. Somebody give me some help?


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  1. One possibility is to go for lunch. The lunch menu is a la carte (and a big bargain by the way) and there are lots of courses which don't have seafood. Obviously if you do this you should tell your waiter that you are allergic to seafood (and also allergic to fish?) in case they use, say, fish paste in the sauce of a meat dish.

    My guess would be that if they say they will prepare a meal with no seafood then they will do it, especially if you have the sort of AmEx card that comes with a concierge. As I said above, if you are allergic to fish as well as seafood, you have to tell them.

    Bon appetit!

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      1. Restaurant these days are very conscious of allergies, and even if diners don't call in advance, wait staff in many restaurants now specifically ask if diners have any allergies because there can be ingredients "hidden" in preparations that could cause problems.

        I'm not sure why you say the Jean Georges website shows only seafood. I just looked, and there are a few starters that are not fish or seafood, and under the main course listing, I see squab, duck, lamb and beef.

        However, If you are still concerned about dining at Jean Georges despite their assurances that they will cater to your needs, it might be better for you to pick another first-rate restaurant, such as Daniel, where you will feel more comfortable.

        1. You might be setting yourself up for further disappointment at Jean Georges, only because I don't think that JG's wine list will be as deep as that of a very robust one at Per Se, notwithstanding having "only" 3 pages of available wines from a small and a very minor wine-producing region such as Provence.

          Jean Georges is a major player in high-end dining here in NYC and if you can't trust their promise of available fresh meal without seafood then you should pick another restaurant.

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            I said 3 "wines" - not "pages".

            And I beg to differ re to Provence not being a big wine reason. It may pale in comparison to other places in France, but there is a lot of wonderful whites coming out of Provence. And that wasn't my only disappointment with Per Se - they are also very weighted towards seafood and you have *no* idea what you're getting that night, even if you ask for certain things - I like to have an idea what I'll get, and know that I'm not getting a dish thrown together at the last second because I can't eat what Per Se is mainly known for, their seafood.

            I just want to be satisfied with my meal. It seems all the major players are heavily seafood-weighted and I don't want to get a second class meal because I can't eat seafood.

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              There's not a lot of whites that come from Provence. There are very few appellations in this small wine-producing region and the largest one, Cotes de Provence, produces 90% roses wines. Bandol, one of the the appellation are almost all reds; while the wines Bellet, the another appellation are hardly available outside of the Nice area. Perhaps, Cassis would have some whites that are appealing, but which are more geared for seafood dishes and which you're not into.

              Just a suggestion, and since you like to have and idea of what you're gonna get, then I think that you should call JG in advance to find out if they'd have Provence whites available when you dine.

          2. They are many wonderful non seafood items at jean georges including two wonderful preparations of foie, the goat cheese ravioli, garlic soup etc as well as duck, two different preparations of beef, lamb, chicken, and squab for the main course. As for your interest in wines from Provence, there is probably no restaurant in the US that has an extensive selection of those wines. I have only noted great selections of Provencal wines in Provence.
            Jean Georges will definitely take into consideration your allergies when preparing your meal. I am a regular dinner there, with certain food allergies myself, and they are quite aware of my allergies and will alter dishes to keep me safe.

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              JG's is definitely accommodating when it comes to special requests. You should have no doubts about that point. They have the friendliest, approachable wait staff of all the 4 star places - IMHO.