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Jul 5, 2008 11:25 AM

Tamales in Manhattan?

I'm looking for yummy tamales. I'm a Santa Monica transplant and miss the Corn Maiden on Sundays at the Farmer's Market. Any place in Manhattan (particularly the Upper West) to get really good tamales with a variety of ingredients at a good price?

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    1. There's tons. There's a truck on 96th that has tamales on the weekends. There's a lady that sells them on sunday mornings on like 98th street. There's two restaurants on amsterdam (noche mexicana and taqueria y fonda) which have serviceable ones. Some of the best ones I've had in manhattan though are way uptown in washington heights. There's also a church on 14th street which has carts outside on sundays with several kinds of tamales (try the oaxacan kind which is made in banana leaves instead of corn husks) as well as fresh gorditas de chicharron and other yummy authentic mexican foods.

      1. Actually, the 96th street truck is there almost every evening (they take a few days off) from about 6 p.m. on. I was a bit stunned when I got the fresh pineapple/mango salsa on my pork taco out of a truck, but I guess it's New York. The tamales, though, are the best and quite a buy at $2 each (they are unusually huge).

        1. Check here ...

          but be warned, however,
          these don't even come close to those I've recently had at the Larchmont farmers' market ;-+

          1. The original comment has been removed