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Alderwood H Mart

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Has it opened yet? Anybody know the status?

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  1. Enlighten me to what an H Mart is?

    1. It's not listed on either the current or the forth coming stores here:

      I believe the lease was announced last February. I haven't been in that area recently, so can't say if any renovation is going on.

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      1. re: paulj

        They may have backed out on the lease. There still are 'for lease' signs in front of the empty Mervyns store.

        1. re: paulj

          Today I saw the H-Mart banner inside the doorway, and signs of construction, including a refridgeration service truck.

          1. re: paulj

            If it's anything like the one I went to in Beaverton, y'all are going to love it.
            I can hardly wait.
            Thanks for the update!

            1. re: ritabwh

              Is it better than the one already in Federal Way?

              1. re: HungWeiLo

                I don't know! <g> the H Mart I went to in Beaverton this past spring, was the first time I ever heard of H Mart.
                Pretty darned impressive. And, I've noticed that there are alot of similarities between Korean and Japanese foods.
                Being of Japanese heritage, I like going to the Korean stores, because there's so much "Japanese" stuff I can buy there, at a fraction of the prices at Uwajimaya.

                1. re: ritabwh

                  Yeah, H Mart is like Uwajimaya, but with a 5% markup instead of 300%.

      2. The sign was still up as of Saturday, July 28.
        I went to the grand opening of an H-Mart somewhere close to Beaverton/Hillsboro area a few months ago.
        If this H Mart is anything like that one, it is going to give Ranch 99 and Paldo World some real competition.
        Awesome Deli with huge selection of pickles and other goodies.
        BTW, this is my very first post. I've lurked here for over a year, and finally got the nerve up to sign up. The posts here helped me navigate the restaurants here when I first moved her 2 years ago.
        Hello, everyone!

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          Welcome. Thanks for the update.

        2. We past by last weekend and they are not opened, but there is a big banner that says H Mart coming soon.

          1. My wife refers to H mart as the "Korean Costco" due to all the overstuffed carts and free samples everywhere.
            We go to the one in Federal Way. Great produce, great prices, much better than 99 Ranch or Paldo, in my opinion.

            1. Drove by today, Sept 10....I see boxes stacked inside. The building is gutted out.

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                I'm off topic now, but I drove by the Alderwood H Mart on Sept 10 to meet a friend for dinner at a sushi place in the same shopping area. It's called Misoya Sushi.
                I had the Tempura appetitzer and tried the Ikura, Maguro andHotate nigiris.
                HUGE slices of fish . I was surprised at how big the slices were.
                Seemed very friendly, nice mix of Asians and Caucasians. I will return to check out the rest of the menu.

              2. Any recent progress? I see that they've applied for lotto sales and liquor license.

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                1. re: kirkj

                  not much going on when I drove by 3 weeks ago.
                  Will check it out this coming weekend.
                  I can't imagine how much work it must be, to convert the old Mervyn's building.
                  It was a retail building, being converted to a grocery, that will also have a restaurant. I can't imagine the amoung of inspections, licenses and all kinds of hoops they must be jumping through.

                  1. re: ritabwh

                    99 Ranch in Edmonds went through similar work. They started with an old KMart.

                    1. re: paulj

                      How long did it take for that ?

                      1. re: ritabwh

                        I don't recall. I'd guess a year, maybe 2, but there's nothing to help me remember when it started or ended.

                2. I was in the area today so I went by. A worker told me that they are aiming for a mid-November opening.

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                    H-Mart sign is up.
                    Lots of cars in the parking lot, but the inside is still under construction.
                    I saw some cars doing a drive-by just like me.

                  2. Had lunch at Sushi Moto in Edmods on Saturday. The sushi bar helper said it would be around Nov. 16. Drove by yesterday. There are refridgeration units inside and looks like some drywalling still needs to be completed. Still looks like alot of work to be done.
                    I can't imagine what the traffic around Alderwood Mall, especiallhy on Black Friday weekend!
                    Went to Susumu for a quick dinner and the waitresses there were all, very excited when I mentioned the new H Mart.

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                    1. re: ritabwh

                      I stopped by H Market yesterday and one of the employees said they are opening tomorrow, Dec. 4th.

                      1. re: tomputts

                        Went there tonight (Yes, I'm that fun of a Friday night date). It's a very clean, high-end looking store with some small restaurants and stores next to it (like the Great Wall in Kent). We were in a hurry, so we didn't buy anything, but everything looked so fresh and delicious. Maybe I'll go back over the weekend and buy stuff for BBQ at home (the rain can always be countered by the gazebo) One place was giving out free sweetened colored rice/tapioca balls (don't really know what they were), probably to celebrate the grand opening. In terms of restaurants, there were:

                        Beard Papa's
                        Korean Chinese food (not really interesting)
                        Teriyaki place (not really interesting - mostly katsu this katsu that)
                        Pho Tai (pho and teriyaki)
                        Korean food (doesn't take credit card, so didn't try)
                        Wasabi Express (from the owners of Wasabi Bistro - coming soon - not interesting)
                        at least 1 or 2 more generic Korean places - not opened yet; will have to try later.

                        Didn't see any Korean fried chicken like they have at Paldo World. Didn't end up trying any of the food, and went to Szechwan 99 instead.

                        All in all, it's always good to have yet another nice place to get Asian groceries.

                        1. re: HungWeiLo

                          wow. 3 days difference and it's open?!!!
                          I work this entire weekend, so I'll stop by on my day off, Tuesday.
                          The restaurants sound underwhelming.
                          I'm hoping their pickle-deli will be as great as the one in Beaverton.

                          1. re: ritabwh

                            Oh how exciting! I'm visiting my sister (ritabwh) weekend of the 12th. We will need to go. I just took one of my friends to HMart in Tigart, OR and she went bonkers! Its her new favorite store LOL

                            1. re: ritabwh

                              We went today, and it's pretty awesome. Definitely a Kim Chee deli, as well as an incredible selection of fish and just a lot of everything. It was a lot of fun, we spent about an hour in the store before going out to the food court for beard papas. Someone mentioned upthread that the food court options sounded ho hum, but everything we saw people eating looked really yummy. I'm sure we'll have a few lunches there in the future.

                              Also the prices are better than anyone else hands down and the produce selection is better--though we went to Paldo after (empty) and they have Savoy cabbage for 2 heads/dollar.

                              Edit: I agree with Paul's post below that the instructions and packaging were pretty much all in Korean.

                            2. re: HungWeiLo

                              The parking lot was full to overflowing this Saturday afternoon, but the checkout counters were pretty efficient (better so than the typical 99 Saturday).

                              The outer court was attractive, more mall like than grocery, complete with concert piano. I wonder if some of the jewelry stores moved from 99. I tried to order seafood pancakes at the Korean food plan in the food court, but their grill wasn't working yet.

                              Produce selection was good, even great, with some good prices. I may be torn between this and Star Produce over by Traders. Meats had many of the same items frozen and fresh (thawed?), with prices on the par with 99. Fish had a number of salted items that I haven't seen before; more packaged items than 99. Eggs where cheaper than Traders.

                              While there was a lot of Korea signage, the English labeling was much better than at stores like Paldo World or Boo Hon.

                              1. re: HungWeiLo

                                Finally stopped by HMart on Tuesday.
                                Very nice! I loved that the cashiers and the other employees spoke some English, because even if I look like I speak Korean or Chinese, I don't. <G>
                                I had lunch at the Noodle House at the food court. Had their 1/2 spicy seafood soup and 1/2 black bean sauce noodles for $9. It was the most popular plate being ordered. I had never had black bean sauce noodles. It was a bit bland for my taste.
                                Their dumplings were sold out and I saw a ton of the steamed buns being ordered. Will try those the next time.
                                It took a long time for my order. Everything was being made, fresh in the back.
                                The Katsu place did not interest me.
                                The Korean "homestyle" restaurant was not busy at all, and they had already covered up some items on their menu. I guess I'll try their Bibimbap.
                                The Pho place seemed pretty standard. It was interesting that their side orders included fast food items like french fries. Really! lol.
                                I've never been to Wasabi Bistro, so I have not idea what to expect from the "soon to come" Wasabi Express.
                                BCD Tofu House is "coming soon". That will be a welcome addition and most likely signal the death of the Korean "homestyle" restaurant.
                                Here's a picture I took of my 1/2 & 1/2 lunch.

                                1. re: ritabwh

                                  I saw a lot of that noodle dish on Saturday as well.

                                  The H Mart has a whole aisle of salt. We picked up a 2-cup bag of red Hawaiian sea salt for 5.50, and it's super yummy.

                          2. It's open!

                            Dang... I've been avoiding Alderwood Mall and surrounds since Black Friday. The traffic in that area is too crazy for me during "The Season". Sigh... I guess I'm growing old and grumpy. Bah, Humbug!

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                              You could avoid the worst of the traffic by approaching from the west. It's just down the hill from from 36th.

                            2. The HMART is now open, and it is just so beautiful. The cashier i spoke to said it's only been open about 10 days, and zowie! Is it ever great! Everything is super clean and new! The vegetables are so beautifully arranged, and you can find Asian herbs like curry leaf that are hard to find in other markets, and then they also had the most fragrant guavas - a big pile of them - the aroma made me swoon. (well, they did cost about $5.50/lb so i only bought one!) The meats selection looks great, with exotics like black silkie chicken, and black skin goat, and loads of pre-sliced meats. Seafoods looked great too. I think i am going to be shopping here a lot. It makes Pal-Do world and Boo-han look pretty shabby.