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Jul 5, 2008 10:37 AM

Good seafood place in Orlando to impress a couple New Englanders?

We have some company from New England that want to take us out for seafood tomorrow night. They asked us for recommendations. Since they are treating, I would prefer it be something reasonably priced, but with good quality and selection. Any recs around the Orlando area? I did a board search to varying results, but if possible I would prefer a place that specializes in seafood rather than a nice place that just has a few good seafood dishes.

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  1. Boston's Fish House in Winter Park supposedly has the best New England seafood in the area. We are looking forward to trying it soon.

    We are in search of a good seafood restaurant in the area ourselves. Here are my take on a few that we've tried:

    Straubs - Bland food, horrendous service, would not recommend.
    Shells - Decent food, decent atmosphere, chain.
    Bonefish Grill - Decent food, upscale atmosphere, not very memorable
    Joe's Crab Shack - Good food, good atmosphere, family friendly, chain.

    Unfortunately, the best experience we've had has been at Joe's Crab Shack. It is a chain that's available in the New England area, so I'm not sure how pertinent it is for you guys.

    There are few in the Disney area that gets decent reviews. I'd love to hear any reviews on the following:

    Flying Fish
    Coral Reef
    Todd's English's BlueZoo

    1. I believe one of the Hotel restaurants has a restaurant that is affiliated with a Seafood restaurant in Maine. Also there is Fish Bones as well (same chain as moon fish)
      Also Bonefish is a chain owned by same as Outback.

      1. Boston Fish House
        Fultons Crab House

        Those are the three my niece who lives in Orlando has taken me too....being from south florida it's difficult to match what we get here in Mia/Ftlaud/area

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          FishBones is a mini-chain with two locations from a larger restaurant company that also owns MoonFish. FishBones is more reasonably priced.

          I've also enjoyed Grouper & More in Baldwin Park, located just outside of downtown. It's more of a fish & chips kind of place, but the fish is fresh and tasty and priced well. Plus, there's a Cold Stone Creamery next door for dessert... :)

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            I had really bad fish and Grouper & More. I would not take New Englanders there or Bonefish. McCormick & Schmick's is owned by the same company as Legal Seafood, which is a New England chain, so that may not be anything new to them (plus it's mediocre seafood).

            I would recommend (in this order): Blue Zoo, Roy's, FishBones, Moonfish. Admittedly, these are all FISH places, not shellfish seafood. For shellfish, there's RJ Gators, Fulton's, the Crab House, or make the drive to Titusville for Dixie Crossroads.

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              WRONG!! McCormick & Schmick's is NOT affiliated with legal sead food. They are two completely different companies with completely different orientation. M&S is a Portland, oregon based group of restaurants owned by Bill McCormick & Doig Schmick. Legal Sea Food is a Boston based chain. M&S prints its menu every day because the executive chefs in each of their restaurants get fresh deliveries every morning. So the Orlando chef is creating his menu exclusive to his restaurant. While there are M&S restaurants in New England (Boston, Providence) their menus would not be the same as the Orlando location. M&S serves no frozen fish!! Only fresh daily delivered. And, again, two completely different companies own M&S and Legal -- and their menus are completely different as well.

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                ok, scream it at me next time. It's still mediocre.

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              Might want to rethink Fulton's...even the Disney fanatics have some problems with it:

            3. Downtown in the Thornton Park area is CityFish. The wahoo I had the other nite was out of this world!

              McCormick & Schmick's has a great inexpensive lunch menu. Their dinners are fabulous. Freshest calamari i've ever had. They are located @ Millenia Mall.

              Lee & Ricks Oyster Shack has the best farm raised oysters. Served raw or steamed and shucked right to you on a cement bar. On Old Winter Garden road and Kirkman

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                Primo at the JW Marriot is a branch of a restarent in Maine. Is not strictly seafood, but it has had the best seafood we have found in Orlando.

                1. re: rwmega

                  As a long time devotee of Lee & Ricks, I am curious as to what you mean by "farm raised".

                  I have been led to believe (actually I was told by one of the shuckers) that they get their oysters from Apalachicola. Given that their oysters aren't the usual scrawny limp soggy variety that is the norm in this area, and having drowned myself in raw oysters fresh out of Apalachicola bay for years, I tend to believe them...

                2. I believe what you are looking for is something like the Celebration Town Tavern which is a classic New England/Boston seafood house with many of their traditional fried dishes such as Scrod, Oysters, Clams with Belly's, etc.

                  Another, albeit more expensive option, would be Oceanaire at Pointe Orlando. Price Point comparable to Todd Englishes Blue Zoo