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Jul 5, 2008 09:49 AM

Bought half a steer, now what ?

So I bought half a steer, and will be getting a call from the butcher in a week or so to discuss how I want it cut...

I know I'll want the ternderloin seperated from the new yorks, (no t-bone/porterhouse) I'll want flap steak and Flat iorns, I'll want bones for stock & dog use... any other tips on things I should ask for ???

Thanks !


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  1. Which half did you get, the front or back?????? Just kidding.

    There's hamburger meat, Chuck steaks for pot roasts, short ribs, prime rib or rib-eye steaks.

    1. >>I'll want bones for stock & dog use<<

      If your "stock" are cows, I'd strongly recommend you don't give it to them (i.e. Madcow disease).

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      1. re: dhedges53

        I think by "stock," the OP means homemade beef broth for soup and sauces :-).

      2. What about the tougher, more flavourful cuts like flank steak, blade steak, and oxtail? And steak cuts like sirloin?

        The January 2007 issue of Bon Appetit had an article called "Butcher's Secret Cuts"- if you have it, I suggest taking a look for more ideas.

        1. This jogged my memory of the ratlesnake thread a few summers ago...classic :)

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          1. re: enbell

            Get a braising cook book, you will need it!

          2. Start collecting ground beef recipes...