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Jul 5, 2008 09:47 AM

Fresh fruit jams

I am looking to purchase great local New England fruit jams. I would love to find a small local farmer who makes his/her own. Can some recommend?
Thank You

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  1. Haven't found a local farm that makes their own.....recently been on the hunt for SPicy red Pepper Jelly...found a delicious one by New England Cranberry Company......check out their website.

    1. At the Portland Maine farmers market on Wednesdays and Saturdays there is a farmer who makes their own choices of jams, which is very good, but do not have the name because I am in Florida til Wednesday. I also have another lady in Minot Maine who is over 80 years old and makes the best jam, pickles, and pickled beets that I have ever had, all from her own fields..... When I get back to Maine this Wednesday, I will post both of these names... I have been to many farmers markets, fairs, craft shows, and outdoor activities selling jams, etc, but find these two as the best.....
      The olly disadavantage is that I do not think either will ship to you... You need to stop by their home in Minot and/or at the Portland Farmers Market to purchase. I do plan to make a trip to Minot shortly to get some more of her fabulous strawberry jam...

      1. Rose's Berry Farm in Glastonbury, CT makes the best fruit jams. I am partial to the raspberry. Not too sweet like many jams, but delicious!

        1. I don't buy jams but a place you might try is Green Briar Nature Center & Jam Kitchen in Sandwich Ma. They make their own and teach classes in jam making as well.

          1. come to my house...i've made tons!! :)

            have you thought about picking your own fruit and making your own jam? it's not hard. but make sure you use a big enough pot or you'll have a very sticky stovetop....