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Fresh fruit jams

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I am looking to purchase great local New England fruit jams. I would love to find a small local farmer who makes his/her own. Can some recommend?
Thank You

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  1. Haven't found a local farm that makes their own.....recently been on the hunt for SPicy red Pepper Jelly...found a delicious one by New England Cranberry Company......check out their website.

    1. At the Portland Maine farmers market on Wednesdays and Saturdays there is a farmer who makes their own choices of jams, which is very good, but do not have the name because I am in Florida til Wednesday. I also have another lady in Minot Maine who is over 80 years old and makes the best jam, pickles, and pickled beets that I have ever had, all from her own fields..... When I get back to Maine this Wednesday, I will post both of these names... I have been to many farmers markets, fairs, craft shows, and outdoor activities selling jams, etc, but find these two as the best.....
      The olly disadavantage is that I do not think either will ship to you... You need to stop by their home in Minot and/or at the Portland Farmers Market to purchase. I do plan to make a trip to Minot shortly to get some more of her fabulous strawberry jam...

      1. Rose's Berry Farm in Glastonbury, CT makes the best fruit jams. I am partial to the raspberry. Not too sweet like many jams, but delicious!


        1. I don't buy jams but a place you might try is Green Briar Nature Center & Jam Kitchen in Sandwich Ma. They make their own and teach classes in jam making as well.

          1. come to my house...i've made tons!! :)

            have you thought about picking your own fruit and making your own jam? it's not hard. but make sure you use a big enough pot or you'll have a very sticky stovetop....

            1. Nervous Nellie's, in Deer Isle Maine, makes the best jam I've ever tasted--intensely fruit-flavored, great spreadable consistency. Wild Blueberry, Raspberry, Blackberry Peach, Strawberry....yum! I've purchased the jams online--they also have a mail order catalog--but the jams may be available in some stores. Drop them an email and ask them.
              And if you're ever in the Bar Harbour area, take a drive north to Deer Isle and visit them. It's a beautiful area and a unique shop.


              1. BriarLane Jams and Jellies in Wellfleet, MA! I stock up every year when we go up to the Cape...

                1. Am listing only one excellent jam maker here in Maine as follows:
                  Priscilla Hemond, Priscilla's Strawberry Jam, 21 North Verrill Road, Minot, Maine
                  Tel: 207-345-3003. Her pickled beets, bread & butter pickles are to die for.....
                  She had some experience in making these, as she is over 80 years old and going strong.
                  I will be going to the Portland Farmers Market on Saturday and will get the other farmer who makes excellent jam, and will list his name this Saturday. To my knowledge, neither maker will ship jam. Minot Maine is near Lewiston..