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Jul 5, 2008 09:25 AM

Steveston Sablefish/Black Cod

For those home cooks looking for something a little different for the barbie this season Sablefish/Black Cod will be On Sale @ Fisherman's Wharf in Steveston Village all summer.

Look for a large red ship-the Senna-well actually it's hard to miss because it's the biggest ship on the dock(!)

They have a selection of smaller fish perfect for grilling whole or larger ones that can be cut up for the creative among us-they are sold head off/guts out.

I've just finished doing one in my Cameron Stovetop Smoker and it's fabulous so rich so buttery-it'll be challenge finding a wine to match it for tonight's picnic.

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  1. Sam Salmon:

    You know how to "hurt" a land-locked prairie chowhound....sounds wonderful

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    1. Thanks sounds delicious...what is the catch method?

      1. How big are the fish....fresh or frozen....what's the price?

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        1. re: Pollo

          Oh I love black cod/sable fish, so buttery and rich. I usually by them frozen wholesale from a friend's contact so we can enjoy them year round.

        2. Just returned from fishing trip to Alaska; we fished for black cod a couple of days. Sportfishing is pretty difficult; you fish 2,000 feet (yes, that's two thousand feet) down with very specialized equipment. Fish vary in size. Weather and tide conditions are not usually optimal; wind, rain, cold, not to mention the rocking of the boat and the spray coming down. You gotta love it though...once you taste black cod (esp cooked w/ a miso marinade), it's worth every minute you spend in the inclement weather! Besides, would rather be out in the elements like that, than a good day at work, yea?
          They also commercial fish for them with longlines. There was incident a few years ago (maybe still) where the sperm whales learned to follow the boats out to the set lines and they would 'pick' the sablefish off the lines as one would eat a cherry from a stem... Pretty smart whales.... Totally PO'd the fishermen though. Hey, who was there first??

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          1. re: IvorySalmon

            Great post, IS -- I will forever think of those whales as I am chowing down on sablefish :-).