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Jul 5, 2008 09:12 AM

Baltimore/DC must have

We are coming in from Western Canada in a couple of weeks. I scanned the posts on this board and cannot see (and may very simply have missed!) anything on the one or two places that one must try if in the area for the first time. If this has been "done" recently, a link to the relevant post may be all I need. High end is great, but we are doing NYC the week before and may be high ended out by the time we hit Baltimore. Cost is irrelevant (although the last time I said that we ended up at Sketch in London with a horrible $1200 meal, so I need to be careful what I wish for), but we want fun/character/stuff or experiences you can get elsewhere. We are slow foodies and like to try regional specialities.

We are satayin in Baltimore, but will be in DC for a good aprt of the time, so anything in the area is great. We will have a rental and GPS so anything iin the area is fair (fare?) game.

Thanks all.

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  1. Sorry, but you are going to have to give us more to go on. As I posted elsewhere, when I have out of town guests, I prefer to take them to places that you can't find where they live... and thus rather than going to a great restaurant that speaks of well of DC, we go to good resturants that offer what can't be found easily in other places... like Burmese or, depending on where you live, Ethiopian.

    Tell us a little more about what you like... a good wine list, seafood, steak. I'm assuming that if you are coming from Western Canada, you have already had plenty of good Chinese, so I think you should look for something else. Since you are staying in Baltimore, you could always search the forum for the best MD crabcakes.

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      The best/most enjoyable meal I have had in the Baltimore area was the tasting menu at Tersiguel's. I don't claim to have eaten at all the good restaurants in the Baltimore area, but I certainly have eaten in most of them. Tersiguel's has character, class, wonderful food that is often locally grown and you can dress up or walk in casually dressed and they will make you feel "at home". Tersiguels is also open 7 days a week and I believe that they are open for lunch and dinner.

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        Yes, do a search for steamed crabs and for crabcakes. Also, look for local tomatoes and cantaloupes which arrive soon.

      2. I don't know if you have lots of Jewish Deli's in Western Canada - they certainly have lots of them in NYC, but one place that is an experience is Attman's Deli. Attman's has been around and run by the same family since 1915. You stand in line for your food and then take it into the other room to sit down and eat. They have great corned beef, jewish rye bread pastrami and other deli items. It's certainly not fancy, but it is kind of a Baltmore institution. I've been there a few times for lunch and they are open Sundays - I mention Sundays because around here many restaurants are either closed or have limited hours on Sundays.

        Other suggestions would be places with crab cakes and steamed crabs (others can probably fill you in better then I can) and some of the Baltimore restaurants with lots of character or really good food such as Zodiac, Rocket to Venus, The Helmond, The Chameleon Cafe, Pazo or Peter's Inn.

        There's also a Greektown with lots of good, basic Greek food. We like Samos and Acropolis and I know others on the board also like Ikaros and Zorbas. I've been to all the Greek restaurants in Greektown except Mylos.

        I'm not really sure if I would recomend Italian food in Baltimore since you'll be in NYC and they are suppose to have the best Italian, but Little Italy has over a dozen restaurants. I tend to like the really basic "red sauce" restaurants like Amiccis (you should always have a reservation) or Chipparelli's. Aldo's is suppose to be the best upscale Italian, although I haven't tried them personally.

        Probably the best Expensive restaurants in Downtown Baltimore are Charleston and the Prime Rib. I've never been to Charleston, but I've been to the Prime Rib a few times many years ago and they are suppose to still be excellent.

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          Jewish Deli in Winnipeg yes. We love Schwartz's in Montreal. Attmans sounds a lot like it I apprecaite your list of character restaurants in Baltimore. That city is really intriguing us...have to bring the kids on a subsequent trip.

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            I was at Schwartz's in Montreal last week. Similar vibe, but Attman's in Baltimore puts Schwartz's to shame. In Baltimore, for yummy northern Italian, I'd suggest Pazza Luna in Locust Point. Chingale in Harbor East is upscale, and very well done. Jacks in canton has a very funky menu with things like macaroni and cheese with chocolate and pop rocks candy on tuna. Sounds crazy, but it works.

        2. If you search best dc you might find some threads...

          I think that places you must try in DC would be to try to get a reservation at Minibar and Citronelle and perhaps Komi. Those are the top places right now. Restaurant Eve in Alexandria is also really good and has the added bonus of a spectacular bartender whose bar is worth a trip, the cocktails are just incredible, a culinary delight themselves. You can do a search on all three and there will be threads. Other people might have other places to add in, like CityZen, and others also up there, but those are the best of the best in DC upscale, which seems like what you want.

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            Oh and of course I can't believe I left it out, you might want to go to the Inn at Little Washington, it has been consistently rated as the best in our area by many sources, I haven't been but my brother and mother went last year and were really blown away.

          2. My top five in the DC area are in my profile. These are all pretty much cheap eats. I will add getting the Salmon Red Curry, tofu soup, and pad kana at Thai X-ing to truly unique, wonderful experiences that will make you glad you're a Chowhound. You can search for more info/recs by using the restaurant name in the search on this board.

            In Baltimore, pickin' crabs is a must at Bill's Terrace Inn. They open at 4pm and a wait forms quickly. No reservations.

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            1. re: Steve

              Thanks all! We have varied food tastes so it is hard to give much direction (my spouse if a food writer). We like anything distinctive. It can be high end (Ramsay will feed us in NYC the week before) and we plan on having a sidewalk hotdog too. The responses above really help. I want to try to avoid having gone to Baltimore/DC and come home only to find out we should have gone to X or Y. We travel for food, so this is a really good start. Thanks again!

              1. re: foodiesnorth

                Must try crabs in B-more--many thread on where to go. Not too much else anymore that is uniquely B-more, altho Prime Rib comes close (it has branches in DC and Philly). Best places in town are the Prime Rib, Cingiale (Think Felidia's in NYC--not a tomato in the house) and its upscale sister, Charleston. Woodberry Kitchen, 5 miles north of downtown is eclectic and well worth a visit.

            2. In Baltimore try Salt, Bicycle, Jacks, Mezze, Kali's court, Black Olive, Sotta Sopra, stay away from little italy you will be disappointed