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Jul 5, 2008 09:07 AM

Best coffee in New York City?

Just having been to Spain, I find that the coffee in New York is severely lacking. Does anyone know where to go in New York for a REALLY consistently good cup of coffee that isn't brackish, bitter, sour or otherwise offensive to the taste?

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  1. espresso, not from starbucks will replicate spain the best

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    1. re: thew

      yeah, tried that. But still find that most of the espresso here pales. Do you have any specific suggestions?

      1. re: skpow

        I love the espresso at Cafe Dante. I believe they use Illy.
        You can also get great whole beans at Porto Rico on Bleecker.

      2. i admit, ive been living in the city for less than a month. However, i know good coffee when i drink it. gimme coffee in nolita is good. the baristas are coffee geeks

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          1. re: davr73

            I third Gimmie! I'm lucky enough to live close the the Gimmie! Coffee off of Grand and Lorimer in Brooklyn and always buy my (roasted date stickered) beans there and I HAVE to have a double macchiato whenever I stop by. Their "Leftist" espresso beans are top freakin' notch and the always-pleasant staff there pulls some of the best shots I've ever had.

            Just remember to tip your barrista and NO CELL PHONES at the register (that's just rude).

        1. Joe on 13 between 5th & University is a great cup.

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          1. re: Spends Rent on Food

            Joe also has a spot in Grand Central in the Graybar Passage. Excellent coffee and friendly staff.

          2. Zibretto Espresso on 56th and 7th, Mud on 9th street in the East Village or Jack's Stir Brew in the West Village. The best option, however, is to get a french press, learn to use it properly and find a coffee that you like and make your own. Try experimenting with Illy, Citarella brands, Oren's, etc and different strengths, acidities.

            1. Go ask Rich or Tone (Anthony() at Fairway on 125th Street to make you a mix based on your likes & dislikes. They will come up with a smooth roast for you.