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Jul 5, 2008 08:57 AM

Sausalito: Murray Circle redux again

To paraphrase Yogi Berra ...

Anyway, the last thread was a bit long, and I just wanted drop a quick note about the breakfast buffet ($18). A friend and I went during the week.

Once again the baked goods are outstanding. The croissant was as good the first and the friend agreed it was the best she's ever had. They also had chocolate croissants which were every bit as great. Wonderful bran muffins ... really the perfect bran muffin ... light with wonderful crumb and slightly crunchy top with whole oats. It was studded with plump black and golden raisins.

House-made bagels were ok, but not a NY bagel ... but a very nice. The poppyseed had the seeds incorporated in the dough.

Let me say I was wrong about complaining that MC should not serve Peet's coffee. I forgot that Peet's does custom blends for restaurants and I'm guessing this was what is going on here.

This was as fine a cup of medium roast that I've ever had ... mellow, smooth with a touch of sweetness in the bean.

They did a nice job of fruit ... cantelope that was actually ripe, great strawberries that tasted like Chandlers, raspberries, blackberries (too tart) and whole bananas.

The granola is excellent ... excellent ... with little pieces of dried apricots and figs and such. They make a very nice house-made jams like strawberry (excellent) and mixed berry (I think).

Mix some jam and granola in the bowl of Strauss yogurt and top with fresh berries and you've got one fine breakfast.

They chafing dishes held steel cut oatmeal, frittata squares, bacon and house-made sausages.

These weren't as successfull. A chafing dish is no place for oatmeal. It went hard and solid. I actually took a spoon of it because I couldn't guess wat this was it was so solid. Worse, they pre-sweetened it. When I want oatmeal I never personally put sweetner in it.

The fritatta was better than the usual scrambled eggs, but nothing notable. Sausage and bacon fine, but nothing I would order off the brunch menu.

You can order eggs made-to-order from the kitchen but it is an extra charge.

Orange juice and grapefruit juice were available. This time of year valencia oranges are available and I think that's what this was. I'm not a fan of valencia oranges.

Seat yourself. The morning is less formal, the wooden tables topped with place mats. Plates are picked up, water glasses filled and coffee cups filled.

It reminded me a little like Campton Place at breakfast but a notch less formal and with a better view.

Friend also agreed that valet parking was stupid ... especially given the early hour when all there were was empty curbs and NO other cars.

We both enjoyed it. Friend said given the 'meh' hot dishes, to think of it as a pricy, but excellent continental breakfast.

Given at brunch the bread basket is $15, this is an excellent way to try some of those fabulous baked items along with a nice cup of coffee and juice ... a deal in terms of Murray Circle and I've paid a lot more for fancy hotel breakfasts which were not half as good as this.

Here's the Chow digest report that sums up a few Murray Circle threads including my mega post.

Murray Circle
601 Murray Circle, Sausalito, CA 94965

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  1. Their waffles are excellent. I had them last month the first weekend they did brunch and they were just the right consistency. I usually prefer savory over sweet but these waffles are a must try. I think a version of them is included in one of the desserts on the dinner menu in the main dining room.

    Edited to add: the online menu is not representative of the current offerings at Farley Bar. The current menu they are serving is significantly smaller (perhaps the first one was overly ambitious?).

    The hamburger at Farley Bar is the best I have had in San Francisco. I've had it twice and it is delicious.

    When there one night this week, they were not valeting for the restaurant, which was fine by me. Happy to self park as there was indeed ample curb space right by the restaurant.

    1. OK, we're going. One thing, is the breakfast buffet every day or just on weekends. Menus gave no indication as I read them.

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      1. re: Sarah

        Every day 7 am - 10 am ... though I wouldn't go as late as 10. Brunch is Sunday only ... starting a11:30

      2. I stopped by today to take a look and a few photos. Very gracious old-world military-type setting.

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        1. re: Mick Ruthven

          Excellent, excellent photos that capture the feel of the place and also show the set back from the water. Looks like it was foggy, otherwise there would be the two towers of the Golden Gate bridge visible over the green hill to the right.

          Nice picture of the breakfast buffet tables. I'm thinking that if they don't make their own strawberry jam, it might be Swanton's. They are very similar.

          I liked the tip someone had in the last post that you can also sit on the upstairs porch if there are no seats downstairs ... and the view is better.

          1. re: Mick Ruthven

            Much more formal looking than I expected. Hardly a place to drop in after a morning at the Discovery Museum it would appear ... Thanks for the photos!