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Need Greek restaurant

Coming in from Phoenix and wanting to experience a great Greek restaurant in the West LA area or the San Fernando Valley. Any suggestions please?

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  1. Unfortunately there is no "great" Greek food in LA. THere is "pretty good" Greek food at Tony's Taverna in Malibu but thats about it. Take it from this Greek.

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      I agree about the lack of great (although i think the greek food is better here than in most places in the US), that there isn't a place like in Greece. I think
      Ulysses' Voyage in the Grove is about equal to Tony's, depending on what one orders at each place.

    2. In West L.A., you might want to try Delphi, on the west side of Westwood Blvd. a few short blocks south of Wilshire. The classic old Greek restaurant in L.A. is Papa Cristo's C & K Importing, located west of downtown on Pico at Normandie, across from the big Greek Orthodox church. They are very casual, reasonably priced, and particularly known for big family-style dinners once a week (Thursdays?).

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        The regular food that you get at the counter is pretty good, not fantastic, but definitely pretty good. The big family style dinners, however, in my experience have been truly awful.

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          i completely concur with your assessment of the family style thursday night dinner: awful

      2. I know it is not the westside, but Petros in Manhattan Beach is pretty good.

        Petros Restaurant
        451 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

        1. The Great Greek in Sherman Oaks is certainly decent. Pleasant atmosphere and a diversified menu.

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            I will second the Great Greek recommendation. I love their stuffed grape leaves. Every meal we've had has been good. Keep in mind it can be very loud in the evening. I like going for lunch, when it's quiet.

          2. IMNSHO the best is not in the areas that you will be in but in San Pedro. Pappadakis Taverna. We go there regularly from the pasadena area, and it is well worth the drive. they will be closing in mid june for three weeks while the entire family goes to greece for a big wedding. (fantastic veal chop!)

            1. I like Papa Cristos near downtown the best. Try to get there at least a month. If it was closer to home or the office, it'd probably be more like once a week.

              I also like Ulysses Voyage in the Farmer's Market section of the Grove, and Stop 'N Cafe on 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica (although the latter's pricing has gotten somewhat ridiculous).

              I know many people -- mostly Pepperdine grads -- who love Taverna Tony's. I went there once and was totally unimpressed with everything except the entertainment.

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                I agree with all the above, except Pappadakis - way over-priced and less than satisfying food. Also, the owner is a pain in the butt - he doesn't know when to stop with the in-your-face Zorba act. I'd add Sofi's on Third St. near Crescent Heights. Excellent food and a great,quiet off-the-street garden. Closer than Tony's Taverna, less noisy than Ulysses. In the Valley, no question - the Great Greek almost lives up to its name.

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                  as always - everyone has their owns tastes, likes and dislikes. the fact that pappadakis his been there for over thirty years and is packed every weekend and on most weeknights speaks for itself. it is on the pricey side, so if budget is a major consideration, the great greek and the others will have to suffice.

                  as to the owner: john is a very outgoing guy and with the personality makes most of the people there feel very much welcome and a part of the family. we took a couple from the valley there last saturday (the husband is a russian orthodox priest), and his partying words to john were: i've been to the great greek many times, but this is far superior.

                  i would really recommend that those who want some great greek food and outstanding, greek family-like atmosphere, check pappadakis out for themselves.

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                  Taverna Tony's was given a featured review by Virbila a couple of weeks ago that was generally favorable, though it focused on the Malibu vibe more than the food, One thing visitors there should know: Ever since the place was Adobe, it is a favored spot for Sheriff deputies and even CHP to watch patrons coming out of the restaurant and getting into their cars, and then follow and observe their driving until they turn onto Malibu Canyon or PCH. Designated drivers are a must there.

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                    Lest I forget - Le Petit Greek on Larchmont Blvd in Hancock Park is really good too.

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                      Le Petit Greek and Sofi are great calls. I completely forgot about both because I don't get there as often, but they're both very good.

                3. Here's another option in the San Fernando Valley. Only been to this restaurant once, but it seemed pretty good.

                  Alexis Greek Restaurant
                  9034 Tampa Ave, Northridge, CA 91324