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Jul 5, 2008 05:25 AM

Super 88 foodcourt for dummies

For those of us who, notwithstanding a lifetime in Boston, have not yet fully explored the Super 88 foodcourt, could you please advise on the not-to-be missed items? Also, is Allston the only location with a foodcourt?

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  1. Step 1: Collect as many paper menus from stalls as available to study at your leisure.
    Step 2: Linger at food court during moderately busy times so as to observe eaters taking their trays from booths and make mental notes along the lines of "OMG that looks good - what IS that?" - refer to menu collected in Step 1.
    Step 3: Refer to real experts on CH for better recs than this - I'm sure they'll chime in that it's best to ignore paper menus and instead focus on the handwriten specials.

    I appreciate the descriptions and pictures of each offering at the dim sum booth. I'm a moderately adventurous eater but always like to know what I'm eating or ordering, first.

    I'll be watching this thread too! It is a bit overwhelming to decide where and what to order for a main meal there!

    1. To answer your last question, Malden does not have a food court.

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        Right... but there is a food buffet, sort of. It always looks rather messy and the labels are not always in the right places so I've been reluctant to try anything.

        I'll be watching this thread too. Thanks for starting it! We've never been to the Alston 88.

      2. I like the Spicy Pork or Galbi Bi Bim Bap (sp?) at Misono Grill (in back across from Kantin) Okdol (hot stone bowl) style. Ask for a side of kimchee. The Banh Mi sandwich (grilled pork) at Pho Viet is pretty good. Noodles at Ken's Ramen. I also have a weakness for Thai Iced Tea Slushy (no boba) from Lollicup.

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        1. re: neongreenkitty

          Ok, while waiting for this thread to further develop, I did go for lunch today and ordered a #32 from Misono Grill -- the beef okdal bibimbop with an egg -- and it was delicious. (I take it that the Misono Grill and the Misono Wok, although back-to-back, are note related?) On Thursday I sampled the the bbq pork buns from the dim sum place, and although basic, and although I always wish that the filling-to-bun ratio were greater, they too were delicious.

          1. re: Blumie

            Love #32! That's all I get at Misono.

        2. Most everything at JMP is very good, but particularly the biryani and saag. The naan is also very good.

          Sorry but I don't remember all the good things at Pho Viet. Other than banh mi, I point at a picture and what I get is always very good.

          1. Blumie et al - There are also more favorites in other threads - If you find them, maybe link them here? I know many especially like Pho Viet, Wisteria, Kantin, the Indian place, and Ken's across the hall - w/ a variety of good things at each...

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            1. re: fredid

              Can I just ask, what is the deal with that Indian place? "J.M.P. Foods" - I think the sign says something about fruit, sandwiches, kebabs, and sub hut? I swear it is the most random place in that food court. I don't think I've ever eaten there, but I have a hard time believing that they can really prepare everything on their extensive menu. The owners don't even seem to show up until after noon on many days.

              Any good or bad experiences?? My gut just says to stay away...

              1. re: Sgt Snackers

                If you'd read the post above . . . it's a family run food stall that seems to consist of mom, dad, two daughters and, on occasion, a younger son. They make authentic, generally delicious food. And they do make the entire menu. I especially recommend, other than the dishes mentioned (in that post above), the masala dhosa. I often pick up an order of samosa as a snack; theirs are not leaden and are well-spiced.

                1. re: lergnom

                  I LOVE the veggie samosas. One order of them is really enough for lunch. (A SNACK? Lergnom's tummy capacity clearly exceeds mine!) They are not the healthiest items around, as they are fried, but they really are delicious.