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Jul 5, 2008 04:29 AM

Grand Canyon east then Bryce,Zion

On our trip this summer we will be driving from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, heading east (how far may depend on your recs), and then looping up to Bryce/Zion area before heading back to LV for departure. Is there 'not to be missed' food in these areas? Let us know where to go.


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  1. North or South Rim? It makes a big difference, as the route out of Vegas is totally different for the was recently pointed out to me right on this board....

    As far as Bryce/Zion area, my advice is to go for the scenery, not the food. Sorry.

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      current plan is to hit the south rim at the beginning of the trip and the north rim on the way back to vegas.

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        when I was there most places were closed (off season), but we did have a good lunch at Blondie's Diner, a small place in a little house on the left side of the main street in Springdale as you face the entrance to Zion. Atmosphere consists of schlock on the walls and oil-cloth tablecloths. Food is freshly made to order, service was very good, portions were generous. I had the daily 'blue plate' special, which was roast turkey with housemade mashed potatoes and gravy, and an ice tea. Homey, simple, tasty. I'd recommend it, especially given that my impression overall is that Springdale is not a chow mecca.....Don't think they serve alcohol, more of a lunch place than dinner. Might be a good breakfast spot too if they serve it, which I assume they do....

      2. In Springdale/Zion I have enjoyed the Bit and Spur for Mexican/Southwest food and good margaritas.

        The Mean Bean makes excellent coffee, good pastries and creative breakfasts.

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          In Springdale/Zion, we enjoyed the Spotted Dog Pub and Cafe. It's not out of this world food or anything but it's solid w/good service in a nice environment and way better than some of the fast food crap around.

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            I second climberdoc's recommendation of Bit and Spur. I ate there in September 2007. Their take on tamales, using a combination of sweet potato and masa, was a bit heavy but nonetheless good. Fresh lemonade was also quite good.

            Want something simpler? Oscar's Cafe is a very informal place that serves good hamburgers, with slightly unusual toppings (e.g., pineapple) and lots of garlic. It's the kind of place that wouldn't deserve mention in Las Vegas, but in Springdale it's one of the better places.