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Jul 5, 2008 04:24 AM

NOVA to Honesdale

Kids at camp, we make this drive 3 times during the summer. Most often eating near Wilkes-Barre/Scranton on the way up and near Dillsburg or Gettysburg on the way back. Anything of interest, fairly near the road? We've had a couple of memorably bad meals by just stopping anywhere (the 'Distlefink'? near Gettysburg and the 'Gettysburg Family restaurant' come to mind). Can anyone help?

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  1. Can you say more specifically where you might want to stop? Honesdale doesn't have alot to offer. A few decent places around Lake Wallenpaupack. Scranton-WB "near the road" will limit your choices. Cara Mia's - Italian deli - in Dunmore is very good.

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      1. You can find quite a good lunch or dinner at The Settlers Inn, in Hawley. It's a lovely place, filled with Mission style furnishing. There's a big dining room, as well as a small bar. They also have guest rooms, but I've never stayed there. A favorite dessert, which I never would have picked, but I tasted a friend's and have ordered it twice since, is an English sticky toffee pudding.

        Settlers Inn
        4 Main Avenue, Hawley, PA 18428

        1. If you're thinking of going all the way to Narrowsburg, I would recommend Main Street Cafe over 15 Main. The setting is more like a diner/cafe but for my tastes the food is better at Main Street Cafe. 15 Main is trendier, Main St. more classic and less pretentious so if you want trendy for for 15 Main. Main St. is also more reasonably priced. Excellent beef brisket, layer cakes and pies!