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Jul 5, 2008 03:19 AM

Any new suburban restaurants? fine dining, italian, etc...

Looking to meet friends for a nice dinner- and do not feel like making our trek to center city. I have not tried any new restaurants on Main Line or nearby in past 2 years, so where should we go? Locations preferred are Main Line - Bala to Devon, Conshohocken, Manayunk, Delco (will Delaware County- Havertown, Drexel Hill, etc... ever open a decent restaurant?) If we cannot come up with anything, we may head back to Osteria or Matyson or try out Modo Mia, although I prefer not going into city.

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  1. For a nice dinner along the Main Line you should try Sola restaurant in Bryn Mawr. If you liked Matyson, Sola's cuisine is similar, contemporary American, french influenced. They are byob and have beautiful stemware with a very seasonal menu. Let me know where you decide to go.

    1. Blackfish in Conshy is all the rage

      1. In Chester County (Downingtown)-Japsers. LaBan recently reviewed and gave 2 bells. Chef Nick recently had some medical issues and had to close right after the review. I think it will soon be reopened.

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        1. We have recently had some excellent dinners at Blush in Bryn Mawr and Bridget's in Ambler. Definitely recommend Sola in Bryn Mawr also, great food & atmosphere. If you are looking for higher end, Savona in Gulph Mills is unparalleled. I think Blackfish in Conshy is a bit overrated.

          1. One of the nicest and most attractive new restaurants is Maia on Lancaster Avenue, technically in Villanova, but only a quarter-mile east of where the Blue Route intersects with Lancaster Avenue. The stunningly-beautiful place opened May 27.

            The gorgeous upstairs dining room features a nearly all-seafood menu. With dinner entrees averaging $28.50, Maia is pricey but you'll see why when you consider the huge amount of money that went into this place. Maia (pronounced My' a) is a collaboration among several people who also operate Nectar, another exceptional restaurant a few miles farther out on the Main Line in Berwyn. One partner is Michael Wei, owner of Yangming in Bryn Mawr; another is Patrick Feury, a well-known and exceptionally-talented chef in this region.
            Downstairs is a Market Place and Bistro where you can buy specialty ingredients, i. e. cheeses and pates chief among them, and have an excellent lunch. There's also a pastry section and a gorgeous-looking bar area.