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Jul 4, 2008 11:19 PM


I'm craving them. the gooey salty delicious salvadorean treats.

I've found them in williamsburgh, I've heard that they exist in park slope... but anyone know where i can find them in manhattan?

Last weekend I went on a tour trying all the mexican corn i could find in manhattan,.. just walking from restaurant to restaurant. I'd like to do the same with zucchini papusas-- so remember, there is no such thing as too many suggestions!!

(or home recipes ;)

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  1. Here is one place in Manhattan. I went there about 10 years ago and it was packed with hundreds of Salvadorean people.

    For the record, you can also find them in Woodside, Queens, and there's a great Honduran place in the South Bronx that might have something similar:

    1. In Manhattan, no.
      There's a flea market on Sun. in Fort Greene (Lafayette/Clermont) where pupusa loroco are available ... same vendor as Red Hook ball field ... perhaps a bit more more "accessible" for satisfying that craving.

      1. I haven't found a good pupusa outside of Brooklyn yet. But it must be out there and while we look, the Venezuelan arepa is not a bad substitute. Caracas in the East Village is justifiably popular, though quickly cramped in the evening, especially on weekends. And El Cocotero has been recommended elsewhere on this board, though I haven't tried.

        1. it will be hard to find them in the city. i've looked but haven't come across them. you can find good ones, especially pupusas de loroco in redhook park. i've tried them and they're good as well as all the other varieties of pupusas. good luck

          1. I haven't noticed if there are papusas there, but there is a Salvadoran restaurant on Broadway just north of 187th St. in Washington Heights, if I remember correctly.

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              The one I mentioned above is right near there and, at least according to the Village Voice, it does have papusas.