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Jul 4, 2008 11:11 PM

Seafood Suggestions? (Phoenix)

Howdy, all!

I am looking for some suggestions for a pleasant seafood dining experience in Phoenix metro. The parameters are fairly simple:

1. Sit down place.

2. Quality seafood.

3. Price isn't much of an issue, but I would like the cost to be worth it.

4. Not particularly looking for a sushi restaurant.

5. Open on a Sunday.

So far, I can think of The Fish Market, Wildfish or McCormick and Schmicks, but I am not really that much of a seafood person so I don't know the quality of the places.

Any suggestions?


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  1. Boy. I saw this in Reader and didn't realize it was you asking. Seems odd. :)

    My seafood is usually sushi (yum), but what about maybe Ocean Club in Kierland or Eddie V's in DC Ranch. I've never been to OC, and all I've had at Eddie V's is their chocolate lava cake, but that is really good.

    Eddie V's Edgewater Grill
    20715 N. Pima Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85255

    Mastro's Ocean Club
    15045 N. Kierland Blvd., Scottsdale, AZ 85254

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    1. re: Firenza00

      Heh. I can see you thinking it odd, but I don't eat much seafood (nothing against it, just prefer other things) and so J. is in town and wants seafood.

      I completely forgot about Ocean Club and will have to look in that.

      Thanks, Firenza!

      1. re: aztami

        They weren't bad. I just hated the long walk up the stairs after dinner. :)

      2. In reply to your query asking about fish/seafood restaurants in the Phoenix, AZ area, I must say that over the years I have tried them all and it has been my experience to say that they have been all "under par" according to my discerning palate. The last place was the Ocean Club at the Kierland area of Scottsdale. Six adults (my family) were out to enjoy a family dining experience. $400 and 45 minutes later (in a loud and boisterous venue) we were served undercooked and tasteless fish to which five of six had to send our meal back. We all ordered other things and that also was "tasteless". I would probably venture to say that the best fish fare would be had at a fine hotel restaurant.

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        1. re: Discerning Tastes

          Your experiences mirror mine, almost to the tee. I feel the same regarding Eddie V's, as per my review about FBR time.

          The best seafood that I have had in Phoenix has been at various non-seafood restaurants. Some of it pretty good, but up to my par.

          Vincent's has done good seafood dishes (Seth, I am NOT recommending it to you, as I have too much respect for your wonderful reviews), as has elements, but neither IS a seafood restaurant.

          Thinking, as I type, SeaSaw has had the most noteworthy, and enjoyable seafood in Phoenix. Not your typical seafood joint, but they have come through at all levels.

          Still, I save myself for dining in CA, NOLA and Hawai`i, so I am probably horribly jaded. I probably have 25 great restaurants that feature, or specialize in seafood, but none is, alas, in Phoenix.

          Seth, if you find one, please, please let me know!

          Good luck,


        2. I prefer to eat mostly fish and seafood, especially when dining out and I have to say this has been one of the hardest things for me since moving here from Seattle.

          I actually like McCormick and Schmicks. In Seattle we mainly went forthe great happy hour as we had so many other options for seafood dining but...we have been to the one here several times since moving to Phoenix. It's consistent, the fish is always top quality and fresh and the preparations good(and usually simple for the most part which I prefer). Being wild salmon season I'd consider this for sure. Service has always been good at his location.

          I've had great fish dishes around town. I was impressed with the number of seafood options at Tarbells and thought again they did a nice job handling it.

          I've had fish everytime we've been to Kai and never been disappointed there selection however.

          The Fish Market doesn't do a lot for me as a dining location. The fish is fresh and if you keep it simple usually prepared well. If this is a special occasion, I'm not sure I'd choose it.

          I liked Deseo a lot...we haven't been there in some time but the ceviche options particularly were excellent!

          We ate at Steamers once, several years ago now, and thought it was pretty good.

          I haven't tried any of their offerings as I can't get past the carne adovado when I we get up there, but i'm always impressed with the number of seafood offerings on the specials board at Richardson's when we've been there. Have no idea how they are though.

          On the whole as a seafood/fish lover I find I have better luck with individual seafood offerings from chefs that do a good job with everything on the menu than with seafood restaurants here in Phoenix. Not sure why. This is why we often end up at McCormick's when we're looking for a seafood focused restaurant.

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          1. re: ziggylu

            News flash: I like Richardson's. In my experience, the fish is good - excellent.

          2. Your short list meets your specs, with the Fish market being the least expensive. I'd give the nod to McComick & Schmick for its combination of quality, species variety, value, comfort and leve of service -- a solid choice all around.

            Once place that has been around a long time -- not as long as the Salt Cellar, though -- is Taylor's Chowder House over on 35th Ave. near T-bird. It's more traditional New England-style emphasizing fried preparations, but it's possible to get a decent piece of broiled fish there, and it's a family-type pplace, reasonably priced. I don't know whether they are open Sundays.