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Jul 4, 2008 10:56 PM

Best Ribeye (South Florida)

Survey Says????

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  1. Graziano's on Birrr Ro serves up a bone-in ribeye that is awesome and it gets lost on their menu....But it's thick....juicy.....well-marbled and you'll want to gnaw the last piece of flesh off the bone!....It's that good!.....Buckhead Beef is the purveyor and this is a great cut if you're thinking Ribeye......


    1. Runyon's in Coral Springs for ribeye & btw, they have the BEST prime rib of practically anyplace in the 3 states we frequent regularly - FL, NJ & NY. NY Prime in Boca is pretty good for rib eye.

      1. My favorite Ribeye is Morton's (

        1. I'd like to see more regional Best Of's for the state instead of statewide. With gas prices they way they are now, nobody is going to drive across Fla. or even 100 miles just to try a resto.

          Favorite ribeye or any steak for that matter is at my house.


          1. I just had the ribeye at sardinia yesterday (again) and I can confirm it is awesome. I would suspect that grazianos on bird is even better but sardinias is pretty awesome nonetheless.