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Jul 4, 2008 09:57 PM

With the economy the way it is, PLEASE support your favorite local restaurants!!!!!

It was with GREAT sadness today that I read that Grainbelt Grillhouse has closed it's doors. Yes, I know the whole "curse" thing of that location but it's more than that. Mike Thai is another perfect example. Great food, great owners, but the state of the economy did them in. If they're not a big chain, they're struggling. I'm sure there are many others.

My BF and I were at Grainbelt about a month ago and the owner, Michael Savoie had expressed his concern but the news still came as a shock to us. Michael is a great Restaurateur, he was the "brain child" behind Blue Adobe Grill (which has seriously gone down hill since he left) and I am sure we haven't seen the last of him.

Don't let your favorite be next, get out there and eat!!

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  1. With the profit margins being so slim on most restos, supporting your local purveyors is always a good idea. Thanks for the reminder, aztami.

    1. We also have been making a point to go to independents even more than usual. Most of our local favorites seem to be doing just fine, but there is one place that is visably suffering (not the service or food, just the number of customers) and we've made it our mission to go there more and bring people with us when feasible.

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        I doubt if my once a week eating out will help, but you have put up a good thought aztami.

        All the more reason not to bother with restaurants and owners and managers and servers who aren't welcoming and gracious and kind and to patronize those who are.

      2. I am a very rare ice cream eater, but when it gets really hot and humid here, as it is this week (87 and 100% humidity), I get the craving, so we headed out yesterday to our favorite local, which is a good drive but worth it as it's so tasty. We rounded the corner and it was like someone smacked me in the face - the place is completely razed, gone, surrounded by construction fence. Probably building another stupid drugstore or starbucks. I was so shocked I could hardly continue driving! What a bummer! The only other local place by us is a custard joint and I don't like frozen custard, so no ice cream for me. Rats!

        I felt bad we didn't go more, but I do all I can to support locals, who knows what happened. They were always steadily busy when I went.

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          Thank you so much for writing this post! Is no more important than ever to support local independant business, everyone is really struggling in my area. I saw an add from a local restaurant that said, "Eat or we both starve"....pretty telling. I work for an independant retailer and man o man are things slow. I think it is so important that we all do our part, not just for the business but for us.....we just may end up with one coffee shop, one record store, and nothing but chains to choose from....grim.
          Thanks for the reminder!

          1. re: bubbles4me

            I work for a family-owned (independent) retailer, and I can say from first-hand experience that times have been hard - or at least unpredictable. Local, independent restaurants, just like retailers, do need your support. Often chain restaurants have big money in the bank. Some local restaurants might not have any stored away.

            I love that sign though...I wonder if it brought business there up, or down?

        2. Aztami, I just watched a segment on the local news about how restaurants are struggling and trying to compete for business, talk about a timely post! I really worry that when the dust settles on this financial mess we're in (whenever that may be) that some of our favorite restaurants could be gone. That'll be very sad. We still eat out at small local restaurants at least once a week, usually twice. I don't know that my one or two meals a week will make or break them, but they sure are glad to see us and have our business.

          1. We went to one of local favorites last night and it was definitely slower than usual. We were there earlyish (6:30) but they seemed extremely happy to see us. The meal was great!