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Jul 4, 2008 08:27 PM

Olive Press Italian restaurant in OAKVILLE

I passed by the new restaurant today and looked like it's pretty packed! Has anybody in this board been to this new restaurant? If so, any comments? Thanks in advance!

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  1. would be curious to hear's taken FOREVER to open...i've been driving past the construction for soo long..

    1. We tried out The Olive Press yesterday..very nice interior, sleek and more upscale than a casual family restaurant.
      The menu has pizza's, pastas, typical italian fare and can be seen at
      We went for the spaghetti and meatballs and a shrimp pizza. The pizza was really good. Really good. Crust is actually similar to Pizza Hut, but less greasy and just seems to be cooked with olive oil.
      Pasta was cooked well, meatballs and sauce were good. Decent size portions..I took some of my pasta home with me and just had the rest.
      I want to try more of the menu and test some of the chicken and seafood..

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        Thanks burlgurl! Sounds like a great place! Expecially after you said the pizza crust is like Pizza hut with much less grease on it. I love Pizza hut crust, but I do find it quite greasy. I will definately try it!

      2. Has anyone tried this restaurant recently? Last week when I was driving by this place on Dundas I noticed the entire parking lot was packed plus cars parking on the side of Dundas Street. It made me think that the food must be very delicious since so many people went there for dinner.

        Would love to know any updates since last post, as I'm thinking of going there for my birthday soon. :)


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          I was in with a co-worker for lunch last week. It's like an upscale East Side Marios. We had Pizza and a Chicken Focaccia Sandwich. Sandwich was a good portion, focaccia was fresh and chicken well prepared.

          Pizza on the other hand was horrible in my opinion. It's not cooked in a traditional oven but done on a belt that is passes through, like 2 4 1 pizza chain. The crust is very similar to Pizza Hut slightly less greasy which was ok. My issue was the taste. Sauce tastes like a jarred generic and grocery shelf product and is too sweet. The vegetables toppings, none of the flavours came through, I'm not certain if they just were not fresh or if the sauce and cheese just overpowered them but the mushrooms, peppers, ect had absolutley no taste. Very boring Pizza to eat absolutley to dynamic whatsoever and very dissapointing. I hope they dont use that same tomatoe sauce on the pasta too.

          My co-worker wanted her salad that came with her sandwhich to be a cesare and have it before her sandwich as I ordered a seperate salad befoe the pizza. They provided it and also provided again a house the salad with the sandwich later. Of course we were charged for the seperate cesare.

          Additionally we wanted to share the dishes so I asked for an additional plate so that we can share our food. The plate brought to me was dirty and the waiter did not take notice of this at all and quickly left. Needless to say we used our side bread dishes to share the meal.

          We certainly will not be going back.............

          1. re: Porto

            That certainly doesn't sound very good. Thanks for reporting.

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            I have not tried the restaurant in question but if a packed parking lot necessarily meant delicious food then the Olive Garden and Red Lobster would have much superior fare to what they customarily serve.....