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Jul 4, 2008 08:12 PM

Best Hot dogs in Brooklyn & Queens? Kosher, please!

Best hot dogs with the fixins, where are the best ones? Prefer Kosher, they are made with better stuff, and that says alot considering they are bad enough for you anyway.....Prefer Grilled not boiled. Who's got them best?

2 to consider:

Deli King in New Hyde Park, ask for them well done, but the bun is always kinda soggy.
Saurekraut is good and old fashioned, though.

Knish Nosh in Forest Hills, they make them in a blanket, they're good and a throwback. But, half the time these days, they keep getting closed by the DOH.

Where else?

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  1. Jay & Lloyd's Deli on Avenue U between E. 28/29 Street (Brooklyn) has a good hot dog-goes great with their homemade round potato or kasha knish

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    1. re: kernel

      I agree. Very good rec. :-}

      1. re: kernel

        Oops-it's between 27/28 street NOT 28/29. Been going there for so many years never really think about actual address. BTY my wife and I had the hot dog/knish special at the OTHER neraby deli-the franks were jumbo-seems like thay had been immersed in salt water-the knishes were black--honest--inside.

        1. re: kernel

          Black inside???.. Sounds like rotten potatoes.

      2. Any of the kosher delis (what’s left of them) will do. Try searching for one of my favorite posters named hotdoglover, hopefully he has some insight or can chime in on Brooklyn/Queens hot dogs. IMO HDL is one of the best poster’s on CH. All the man does is eat, drink (?) and sleep hot dogs - nothing else. He knows the hot dog and he knows it well.

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        1. We have Nathan's here in Brooklyn. Best hot dogs in all of New York.

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            Ben's Best on 63rd (?) and Queens Boulevard--quality dog and kosher. I've had many 'dog in hand' while waiting for my take out order.

            1. re: abu applesauce

              Ah, but has health department issues just like Knish Nosh!

              1. re: Shayna Madel

                My health concerns are put aside when I wolf down a dog. And Shayna, I finally went to Adelle's last night and one filet of matjes is 6 dollars. I couldn't bring myself to do it.