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Jul 4, 2008 08:09 PM

Wilklow Orchards (Highland,NY) question

Can anyone tell me if Wilklow Farm offers their cider doughnuts during the week? I have sketched out an itinerary for my trip to the Hudson Valley, and it includes going apple picking at Wilklow. However, I want to be sure they are offering cider doughnuts when I am there - I love a good dougnut and I have my mind and heart set on tasting a good cider doughnut. I probably can rearrange my schedule to be sure I'm there on a Sunday (Saturday is out), but I'm hoping that the doughnuts are offered on weekdays as well.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I assume you're planning this trip for September or October, right? I'd call and ask them which apples will be ready when and also inquire about the donuts. (845) 691-2339

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      Yep, 2nd week in September. I know it's early - I would have preferred late September, early October - but those were the only dates that worked. Thanks for the #! I'm going to call tomorrow,,,,,,,

      1. re: Betsypaige

        It's never too early to start thinking about cider doughnuts! Wilklow is great. If you're a cider doughnut fan you'd be remiss not to sample the cider doughnuts at Dressel Farms on Rte 208 and those at Jenkins & Lueken up Rte 299 just east of 44/55.

        Also - Rafaella at Tantillos Farm Market (Rte 208 near 44/55) bakes some of the tastiest fruit pies in the Hudson Valley. She uses only in-season fresh fruit. You have to pre-order a couple of days in advance and then you can pick up hot from the oven.

        1. re: markp

          Hi Mark

          I've never even had cider dougnut, but I love apples, cider and doughnuts, so they must be good! If I have a chance to go to those places you recommended, I will. If not, I will put them on my list for next time. I'm crossing my fingers now that the weather is such that apples will be ready for picking in early September