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Jul 4, 2008 08:03 PM

Indian Food Court in Parlin, NJ

I was driving by when I saw this place on Ernston Rd in Sayreville. It's in Wendy's old building. I forgot the name of it but it says Food Court as well. Has anybody been in there? If so, what did they serve and how was it?


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  1. Where on Ernston Rd.? Just past Rt. 9, going towards Morgan on the right is a good but not grat Indian restaurant on the left is an Indian grocery store (w/ a Pakistani one across the bordering parkings lot). I drove this way twice last week and missed. I don't know where the old Wendy's is.

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      I think the old Wendy's is at the light for the route 9 north entrance on Ernston Road- just past the strip mall with Santino's. I've never been to the place but I've driven by it plenty of times.

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        Yes! That was the one I saw yesterday. I was wondering if anybody has been there

    2. I actually don't think it is open yet...but I may be wrong.

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        Hi, this is my first post so please bear with me.

        This place is now open. It is called Haldi Chowk - in Hindi-Urdu haldi is turmeric and a chowk is a place where paths intersect. This place is set up like a traditional food court with 7 different stations. They are Pakistani and Indian and set up regionally with the foods found in the different areas. There is Northern Indian, South Asian, Punjabi, Bawarchi, a snack stand w/drinks, a bakery, and Tandoori style foods. Each section is run individually and you pay at each stand. Not all accept credit/bank cards. It is very crowded in there and a little disorganized with some places giving you an order number for your food and some calling your name, which they invariably get wrong and you are stuck trying to figure out if it is your order. So far I have been there twice and sampled from the Tandoori, South Asian and the snack stands. I know a thing or two about this food as my husband is from Pakistan and I have spent some significant time in different regions of Pakistan - therefore I am not much of an expert on some of the Indian foods, but I have eaten my fair share of it over the years.

        We got kheema and chicken tikka masala from the Tandoori stand the first time we went and they were not very good. The food took a really long time to come out. The kheema was pretty tasteless and the chicken tasted dry and just thrown in the sauce. The second time we went we got Tandoori chicken and lamb kabobs. The chicken was juicy and delicious and not overly spiced. The chutney was zingy and very good. The kebabs were tasty although a little tough. The naan was passable.

        I ordered a Masala Dosa from the South Asian stand and was very happy. It was perfectly cooked, not overdone, and the filling was delicious. This seemed to be a very popular choice with many of the diners.

        At the snack/drink stand we ordered Bhel Puri and a SugarCane juice. It was definitely the worst Bhel Puri of my life. It was soggy and not mixed with the proper amount of items. The sauce was also just flat out wrong. My husband would not even take a second sip of the Sugarcane juice, he said it was disgusting.

        So, overall, a mixed review but a few stands left to try out...I am hoping to find some more deliciousness there.

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          The other day my husband and I checked out Haldi Chowk. TandoorKebabCorner in particular stands out ( They do outstanding Punjabi cuisine. We are going to use them to cater all of out parties as well.