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Jul 4, 2008 07:39 PM

Thai or Vietnamese Lunch Back Bay or Downtown

I am a former Bostonian back for a quick visit. My daughters and I are looking for a Thai or Vietnamese place, preferably with a bit of atmosphere somewhere between Park Street and Copley Square give or take a block. We'll be there for lunch on a weekday. Thanks.

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  1. Typhoon on Boyston St. across the Copley square has Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese.

    1. Typhoon is not that great. Search the board for past reviews.

      There are not a lot of Thai or Vietnammese in that area. Try Montien on Stuart St. or Thai Basil on Newbury St. Further up Boylston is Chilli Duck but the atmosphere may be less than you are looking for.

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        Thank you BBHound. I almost ate at Typhoon after the fireworks on July 4th. The atmosphere was so dark and stuffy and pretentious so I walked right out. Good authentic vietnamese food is never meant to be eaten in such atmosphere and such fancy atmosphere always mean way overpriced bad vietnamese food.

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          Thanks to all. Based on your recommendations and location, Bangkok Blue sounds perfect for us.

      2. Bangkok Blue should fit the bill.

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          seconding bangkok blue. good thai in nice atmosphere on boylston right near copley square (across from the library).

        2. Meager pickings in that area. My favorite is Chili Duck (Thai) on Boylston across from the Pru, which has some decent stuff on its Thai specialties menu, followed by the very cheap and pretty good Pad Thai Cafe on Boylston on the far side of Mass Ave (near Jack's Drum Shop), but it's more rice-plates-in-styro-containers than atmospheric. If you can go as far as Park Street, you could go a wee bit further to Xinh Xinh in Chinatown, which is my favorite Vietnamese place in Boston, very friendly and bright and clean.

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            I'd vote for Chili Duck too. Bangkok Blue on Boylston and Thai Basil on Newbury are ok, but Chili Duck is far better. I personally don't find Montien on Kneeland/Stuart too far from where you are either (on the edge of Chinatown), so I'd opt for that if you think it's feasible.