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Jul 4, 2008 07:03 PM

Amy Ruth's neighborhood?

Hey all I have always wanted to try chicken and waffles and have heard this is the best we have to offer. The only question I have is about the nierghborhood. I will be driving in and am concerned about my car and parking and it being safe. I don't know much about the area, but know some parts of Harlem aren't the best. How is the area? Is the food worht making the trek all the way to Harlem?

I also would love to try Dinosaur bbq which is also in Harlem. How is that area as well? I think it is 131st.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The area around Amy Ruths isnt bad but I would go during the day time hrs. There is street parking (metered) U may have to look but everytime I went I got a spot on there block. As far as dinosaurs I have never been so I couldnt say?

      1. You can probably find a lot nearby if you're that concerned. It's worth it for the peace of mind, but it's not going to be cheap. The area near Amy Ruth's isn't that bad unless you're squeamish about the city to begin with. The rule of thumb is you're safer on more populated blocks, where businesses are open, and streets are well lit. Dinosaur is a little more iffy, but you should be fine. Just toss something over anything of real value you have to leave behind. Chances are there will be nicer cars parks on the same block as you anyway, making for better targets. The other suggestion of parking elsewhere and taking the train seems like extra work not worthwhile, but why not take a drive past Amy Ruth's , scope it out, and if you're not comfortable, then park it below 112th (ideally in the 80's). Amy Ruth's is great fun, and totally worth visiting. It's an odd block, but it's not a warzone.

        1. The last time we went to Amy Ruth's we drove. We found on street parking, not metered, one block to the north and that was on a Sunday morning. I can't address NY but in San Francisco, our car was broken into twice while parked in one of the
          "la-dee-da" neighborhoods.

          1. The original comment has been removed