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Jul 4, 2008 06:20 PM

Celebratory Dinner in Moscow -- any price, great view/ space

Celebrating an impt occasion in Moscow in 10 days, and looking for the most romantic place. Since we'll be there in July, is there a rroftop or outdoor place that is stunning? Normally, my main concern is for excellent food. However, my boyfriendm sadly, can't differentiate the average from the great, but he's learning... So what would you recommend with a fantastic view or an incredibly truly Russian feel (he speaks Russian), yet not egregiously priced for tourists? Any price, just want value for that price.

Thank you!

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  1. I suggest checking guidebooks and online (, as the restaurant scene in Moscow changes frequently and rapidly.

    If you want truly a Russian meal, you usually want to hit the out-of-the-way, non touristy spots. There are usually quite a few listed in good guidebooks (Lonely Planet, for example). If people are speaking English in a restaurant, beware. Unfortunately, the nouveau riche want a foreign experience and don't go out for Russian food, so lots of the pricey places cropping up (where you'd get your view) that might remind of you of American-style restaurants aren't going to serve Russian food. The touristy places can be cheaper, but they don't tend to be authentic. Georgian food is typically spectacular and well-regarded in Moscow, actually- don't know if that fits the bill.

    This might be a good start:

    1. If you are looking for a great food AND the view, then your best bet is the rooftop restaurant at Ararat Hotel or Ritz hotel. Both overlook the Red Square and the Kremlin. But I warn you - it will be expensive. If you want just really good food in a great ambient atmosphere with a life show - Knyaz Bagration restaurant on Plushchicha Street. Its beautiful and delicious.