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Jul 4, 2008 05:51 PM

Gu Puddings and Desserts

Does anyone know where to find GU puddings? Just heard about them from a friend. However, GU is a UK based company and I'm not sure if they are selling their products in the U.S. yet. Their site, , looks delicious.

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  1. Not a valid address. If this is a good product, you might suggest to Trader Joe's that they look into carrying it.

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      Just double checked and works. Not sure what has to do with things. Thanks for suggesting that I write to Trader Joe's.

    2. At first I was confused, but it turns out that is NOT the same as Those pix of Gu chocolate puds look sinfully decadent. And might go down quite easily during a marathon...

      1. I know this is a somewhat old post, but it doesn't appear to have an answer, yet, and I just discovered these, though I haven't had a chance to actually try them, so ...
        If you click on the US flag on their site, it says that they are sold in Wegmans stores, and that's where I found them. I found mine in upstate NY, but I believe that the Boston area recently got a Wegmans, so I would recommend checking there.