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Jul 4, 2008 05:02 PM

pie cherries, sour cherries--any local sources?

I like to make cherry pies with the pits in situ (Jane Grigson says the flavor is better and I agree). A few months ago I read on CH that Smolak Farms has them this time of year, but there is no mention of them on the current SF website.

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  1. Check out the farmers' markets quickly. I saw sour cherries at several stands at the Brookline FM on July 3.

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    1. re: cmpollard

      The local crop, I assume. The usual supply comes from western NY after the middle of July.

      The best thing to make with sour cherries is sorbetto - a simple syrup with a bit of lime juice, and the pitted cherries. The flavor is undiminished by cooking, and you can enjoy a taste of early summer for months.

      Sour cherries are the king of fruits. What delight.

      1. re: Karl S

        Tell more! I'm a little confused by your description - is this an Italian-style sorbet, or something else?

    2. Also try calling fancy farm stands like Russo's, Wilson's, Verril Farm, Idylwilde.

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      1. re: cassis

        Just stopped in at Wilson Farms and they only have Bing Cherries from WA.

      2. Keown Orchards is at many of the local farmer's markets (Scollay Square/Gov't Ctr today, and I've seen them at Copley, but forget which day). They're currently selling locally grown sour cherries for $3/basket (about a pint). And... they're really good.

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        1. re: patiofixture

          Keown Orchards was a good shot. They had sour cherries, but it is already over. They go to Copley Square and the monday Cambridge market.

          Wilson said beginning of August, so I don't know if they are real sour cherries.

          1. re: anne001

            Wilson's gets real sour cherries from western NY. The timing varies every year - this year, western NY had a difficult spring (the apple crop was hurt bad). Last year, the first batch was at Wilson's around the week of July 22, IIRC. This year, it seems it will be another week or so later.

        2. I've had excellent cherries, all pretty much flawless, from Costco for the past 4+/- weeks. 3lbs for $10.

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            1. re: Karl S

              Yes, they had them last week but, less frequent than the bing.

          1. Smolak farms had pyo sour cherries last year and i didn't make it in time so i was looking forward to it this year. I kept checking their site every week but they never put anything up about it and its not even listed in their crops and now the season is over, im very sad :(
            Russell orchards also grows cherries but they do not have pyo, it says on their website that they're available in their store but i've never been able to get my hands on any. Last year I finally found some at stop and shop, they were from NY and they had them on sale one week, i am hoping they will get them again.

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            1. re: SA70077991

              Email info from Smolak farm, July 15:

              We have gooseberries for pick your own this fri, sat & sun... The sour cherries we cut the trees down and have replanted them... they will be ready in 2 years....
              We have currants, red, pink and champagne for pick your own...