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Jul 4, 2008 04:20 PM

Pioneer Valley (granby) and nearby foodies help please.....

Need places to eat, farmstands, farms, placed to ger Milk from the cow and maybe I can even Milk the cow. Need a place to stay B&B's first choice, it is for JULY 19, willing to travel the most 15 miles away. I already tried Muddy Acres, already booked.

Love wholeome places, Mom and Pop places with old real recipes and real ingridents please. What is there to do in the area that is fun, outdoors and cheap.

Thank you very much , any great places for arts, antiques and Bakeries?

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  1. Try Belchertown (next town up on 202) for several good B & B's.
    If you want mom & pop classic roadside kitsch with a hint of Greek diner, Try Manny's Place on 202 in Granby. Sit in the "Milk Can" and try the Mac & Cheese special on Fridays. Nothing Fancy, but its inexpensive & filling.
    For great Baking, Try Kristina's Kafe in Belchertown or Wheatberries or Black Sheep in Amherst.
    And if you like the outdoors, plan on spending some time at the Quabbin Reservoir.
    ( We love a picnic on the Dike)

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