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Jul 4, 2008 04:15 PM

Lunch tomorrow (Sat) w/14-yr-old near Ahmanson theatre?

My 14-year-old daughter and I are taking the train up from San Diego tomorrow to see the 2pm matinee of "A Chorus Line" at the Ahmanson Theatre. I've searched the board and although the topic of pre-theatre dining has been discussed a lot, I can't find a place that sounds right for us for lunch tomorrow.

We'd like a place that's not as chi-chi as Patina. All cuisines are fine. Usually, we're pretty adventurous eaters, but this time we don't want to venture too far or try a real hole in the wall...still, I figure that there's got to be a good place somewhere nearby that hits the mark between a hole in the wall and a place like Patina.

I thought Promenade Restaurant sounded good from the reviews on this board, but their website mentions that they're not open for lunch on Sat. Maybe Kendall's Brasserie is a decent choice? Cafe Pinot sounded okay, but it's not open for lunch. I know there's a Roy's somewhere nearby, which might be okay, but I guess I was looking for something a little more interesting, not part of a high end (albeit usually very good) chain.

Parking is not an issue for us since we'll be taking public transportation or walking, but we'd like to be close to the theatre so we don't have far to go before showtime.

Any advice greatly appreciated. Happy 4th!

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  1. harder with it being a saturday for lunch... wish traxx was open.

    i'd suggest Wood Spoon.

    another place that isn't my favorite but some people on here like is Pete's Cafe.

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      Thanks so much for your reply.

      Wood Spoon seems great, but I don't think we can quickly walk to/from the I mistaken? It looks like it's a little over a mile away and we'll be kind of tight for time. I'm not aware of the cab situation in downtown LA, but I don't recall seeing a lot of cabs there.

      We'll pick up our tickets when the Ahmanson box office opens at noon, then we'll go get lunch and need to be back by the 2pm curtain time.

      I have a feeling we'll end up at Kendall's Brasserie, since it's the only place I can find that's nearby and open on Saturdays for lunch, but maybe there's someplace else nearby.

      Please let me know if you think of others. Thanks again!

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        I just checked out Pete's, and that's a little closer, so maybe that will work. Thanks again!

        1. re: susan3733

          both are not really within walking distance of the ahamson./

          maybe at least set aside 15 minutes for each way if you do choose to go.

          phillipe's is a little too far away too.

          and 7th and fig would also be at least a good seven blocks away since ahamson is at about temple or 1st and grand.

          1. re: susan3733

            As a follow-up, we ended up at Kendall's Brasserie today because time was too tight to check out anyplace further away, and as previously reported here, it ranks somewhere between mediocre and poor. I had the Caesar salad w/shrimp (which, strangely, our waiter had raved about, telling me that the "Mediterranean" marinade for the shrimp made it extra special, yet it was nothing special at all, and the texture of the shrimp was a little mealy and clearly not best quality). My daughter had ravioli with arugala, which was very unremarkable and blah. She had a soda, and I had a glass of white burgundy (it was nice to see French whites by the glass on the menu) and the total before tip was $51. Oh well.

            Next time, if we have a little more time, we'll definitely go elsewhere. It's a shame that the Patina Group restaurants have such a monopoly on the area.

            I went by Traxx at the train station, and it wasn't open, but I made note of it for a future trip.

      2. It might be a little far to walk, but last weekend I went for dim sum in Chinatown before the matinee of A Chorus Line. We parked in Chinatown before driving over to the theater, but if you are coming from Union Station you could walk. There's also a Dash bus that runs on the weekends which will take you from the theater to Chinatown.

        Also convenient to Union Station (right across the street in fact) is Olvera Street. You could go for carnitas at La Luz del Dia (counter service) or a sit down meal at La Golondrina.

        Dim sum places (we went to Ocean Seafood, but I'd probably do Empress Pavilion if I was to do it again):

        Ocean Seafood Restaurant
        750 N Broadway
        Los Angeles, CA 90012
        (213) 687-3088

        Here's the Olvera Street directory, with merchant info and directions:

        And the Dash: