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Jul 4, 2008 04:02 PM

Montreal - A goldmine of resto variety?

Hi everyone,

I travel up to montreal a few times a year basically to eat (and sleep). On this trip, rather than focus on the "best" in montreal, we're looking to experience the most variety in dining experience. We are looking to eat all cuisines / budgets / etc. That being said, I am looking for some recommendations for the following cuisines. Please just throw in your favorites in a few genres!! I know it's an exhaustive list (I pulled it off I've got 2+ weeks to do some serious eating / exercise and I want to try some new spots.

Honestly I like it all. I've eaten at Toque! and Peel Pub and I like them both. Manna is a favorite for Korean. Premiere Moisson is hard to walk past for me. Au Pied du Cochon is a favorite. I LOVE Soup and Nouilles on St. Catherine West. Just throwing in a couple of my favorites!

Here is the list:

/Bars & Grill
/Coffee Bars
/Dining & Dancing
/Health Food
/Jazz Clubs
/Juice Bars
/Middle Eastern
/Night Clubs
/South Pacific
/Sports Bar
/Sri Lankan
/Supper Clubs
/Tea Rooms
/West Indian

Have fun!

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  1. Odd that nobody has replied yet. Here goes:

    French: Bonaparte, Chez Leveque
    Indian: Maison Indian Curry, Bombay Mahal (right across the street!)
    Lebanese: Boustan
    Middle Eastern: Byblos
    Tea Rooms: Camellia Census

    I hope others contribute!

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    1. re: The Chemist

      I think no one has because the majority of the ethnic cuisines represented in Montreal have been discussed in detail in separate threads. Plug a national adjective into the search engine and you'll see.

      1. re: carswell

        cafes and coffee bars

        for sandwiches, try B3, east side on St. Mathieu, near Sherbrooke

        a swiss place not often mentioned is Europa ( not to be confused with Europea) , it has outdoor seating, on Sherbrooke st. west, between Guy and St. Mathieu.

        1. re: superbossmom

          I have often walked past Europa on Sherbrooke: what is it like?

      2. re: The Chemist

        Looking for Camelia Census won't turn out much while Camelis Sinensis will work much better.

          1. re: Campofiorin

            Yeah, that was actually a stupid typo from myself which I just noted now. A little redfaced right now. Why does the A has to be so close to the S on keyboards?

            1. re: Campofiorin

              Oops! I didn't know how it was spelled and my google search gave me the incorrect spelling. I don't go often, it's my wife who is the tea hound. =D For someone who is not that into tea though... this place could make a convert out of me.

        1. I really think you should search the separate threads, but here's my reccomendations anyway:

          Khyber Pass /Afghanistan
          Afrodiziac (If they ever re-open) or Mekdala for ethiopian/African
          Arabic is not a cuisine but a language, I reccomend you got to petit Alep for Syrian
          /Asian? It's a big continent, this is pretty vague.
          /Bakery: See the "great montreal bakery hunt" thead, this is where our city shines.
          /Barbeque: Bofinger, though it's really not that special if you've had the real stuff.
          /Belgian: Frites Alors!
          Milsa /Brazilian
          /Brewery-Pub: Dieu-Du-Ciel
          /Cafe'- Please see "best coffe in Montreal" thread
          /Cajun- La Louisianne
          /Carribean- Blue Mountain or Ange & Ricky
          /Chilean- La Chilenita
          /Chinese- Village Mon Nan
          /Diners- Search "best poutine"
          /Ethiopian- see best african
          /French- Not going to touch it with a ten foot poll, search the threads.
          /German- L'Atlantique (grocery store with takout counter)
          /Greek- Milos
          /Health Food- chuch or chuchai
          /Hungarian- Cafe Rococo
          /India- Search the threads, everyone has an opinion on this one.
          /Indonesian- Nonya
          /Italian- Cafe Via Dante.
          /Jamaican- Blue Mountain, Ma's Place
          /Lebanese- please search
          /Mexican- El Sombrero (don't let the name put you off)
          /Pakistani- Halal 786
          /Persian- The takout counter at Akhavan
          /Peruvian- Melchorita
          /Pizza- Please search
          /Polish- Mazurka
          /Portuguese- Please search
          /Pub- Vices & Versa
          /Russian- Caverne
          /Sri Lankan - Momoi (Jolee is pretty good too if cleanliness is not essential.)
          /Tea Rooms- Gryphon D'or
          /Turkish- SU
          I've run out of steam. Hopefully this helps you narrow your search.

          1. A few for your list:

            /Hungarian - there's the Budapest/Hungarian deli on St-Laurent that has a good selection of sausages and such, great for a sandwich or buying things I know by name but have no hope of spelling. It's slighly south of La vieille Europe on St-Laurent.

            /Indian - Atma on St-Laurent is surprizingly chic for having quite good Indian food. Haven't been thrilled by the service recently, but the food remains good.
            /Indonesian - Nonya on Bernard
            /Italian - Da Emma in the Old Port, Primo e Secondo in Little Italy
            /Japanese - Mikado on Laurier, Jun-I also on Laurier (with a french twist)
            /Juice Bars - my exclusive provider of smoothies is Liquid Nutrition which are suddenly just about everywhere
            /Middle Eastern - I really like Rumi,original Hutchison location. I used to be a Byblos fan but I've converted (although I still go for their brunch)
            /Seafood- APDC, Joe Beef, Pinxto, ceviche at L'assommoir -> very fun night - ceviche platters + 'sampling' their very extensive drink menu ;-)
            /Soup - La soupiere on Duluth
            /Spanish - Tapeo, Casa Tapas
            /Thailand - Chao Phraya on Laurier
            /Vegetarian - Chu Chai, or its byow mini-me, Chuch on St-Denis

            Personally, I think it might be more fun to just figure out if there are any must-try's that you have missed, and aim to try them as opposed to trying one from each category!