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Jul 4, 2008 04:01 PM

Anyone tried Segovia?

Hi there!

I'm pretty new to this board, but you all seem to know what you're talking about when it comes to food, so I figured this is the place to ask. :) Has anyone been to that new Spanish restaurant called Segovia in Oak Hill? The menu looks pretty good, and since I work nearby I'm thinking of giving it a try. I'm looking for recommendations on what to get, general experience, etc. Here's their website:


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  1. I am looking forward to trying their Suckling Pig, Paella and Catalan Beef Stew
    The first is rarely available in Austin and the second is available at Fino at a much higher price. The third I've never seen available in Austin.

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      Went there for lunch today for the Suckling Pig, but it was not available for lunch, even though the website said it was. Lesson: Call first to confirm your favorite is available.

      I had "Seafood Paella" that the web site said would have "Shrimp, crawfish, oysters & clams with smoked sausage in saffron rice." Mine didn't have the crawfish or oysters. Moist rice and proteins. It was a good dish for the price of $12.

      As an apology for not having the Pig I was offered a free dessert. They had the hard to come by Castillian Hot Chocolate which resembles chocolate pudding that didn't quite set. Sort of a Chocolate Soup and, for me, a wonderful taste and texture.

      I'll go back for the Suckling Pig and Beef Stew and Hot Chocolate. They also have tapas discounted $1 at Happy Hour.

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        Thanks for checking it out, Paul. $12 for paella with good saffron souds good. Suckling pig for lunch, I guess, is a tall order in Austin!

        I checked their website again just now - the menu was there before, but now, it says "coming soon." Maybe an edit was necessary. This place does sound interesting, though. I will try it soon......

        Also, I've had a Catalan Bouillabaisse a long time ago that was excellent (it was in Corpus Christi and featured a preponderance of Red Snapper). Sort of reminded me of Redfish Courtboullion, but a bit lighter and less spicy. Wonder if that could be a special at some point?

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          Since neither crawfish nor oysters are in season right now, I'm actually happy to hear that they weren't in the paella. That means that they're using fresher seafood and probably not Chinese crawfish. I'm even more excited to try them now, especially after I looked over their tapas menu yesterday. The prices look so reasonable, I almost couldn't believe it. This will make a perfect day trip on a weekend.

      2. this place is great! i have tried the suckling pig & the stew. both were fabulous. the sangria is great (red or white). the bread pudding was wonderful. the prices are unbelievable. we are going back in the next few days to sample the other tapas that we missed on our first two visits.

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          OK, I'll ask (again), any idea how "they" dry age "their" steaks?

        2. Thank you for the advice! I will definitely give it a try, the pig and the stew both sound delicious!

          1. Went there on Saturday. It was clear they were slammed as a result of their mention in the Chronicle and they were having trouble all night.

            We had the croquettes and sauteed mushrooms for tapas. They were both excellent. The bread they provided was non-descript spongy french loaf slices.

            We then waited 40 minutes for our entrees to arrive. They forgot my wife ordered a cup of gazpacho so they comped it and my wife said it was excellent. She lived in Spain for year and has high standards for Spanish food. I ordered the suckling pig and my wife ordered the chicken and sausage paella.

            The waiter said they would give us a free dessert because they were taking so long to get things out of the kitchen. I got my suckling pig and there were about four small chunks of meat and a large piece consisting of about four rib bones that was scraped clean of meat and completely dried out. In fact all the meat was pretty dry. I pointed out to the waiter that I barely had any meat on the plate. He apologized and took back the plate. About five minutes later I got a plate piled high with moist roasted pork. This time it was very good.

            The chicken and sausage paella was pretty mediocre. Nothing but chunks from a skinless boneless chicken breast which meant it didn't have the richness that comes from using whole pieces of chicken including the skin and bone. The rice was tasted good but there weren't many vegetable at all in the rice. There were no pieces of crust from the bottom of a paella pan in this paella.

            It had already been nearly two hours so we skipped the offer of a free dessert.

            I'll give them a pass this time because they're a new restaurant. We'll probably go back in a couple of months based on the strength of the tapas, gazpacho and suckling pig (once they gave me a real serving). I would pass on the paella.

            1. went Saturday: meatballs with almond sauce were okay, but bland...would have had much more flavor if the almonds had been toasted as they should have been; tortilla was a disaster: basically a few big cubes of leftover spuds in egg custard baked in a pie pan....ratio of egg to potato was way too high, spuds should be thin sliced and cooked slowly in olive oil, etc; paella was a disaster: tasted like yellow Mexican rice mix, no saffron flavor, no veggies except for frozen peas, dry chicken that looked and tasted suspiciously of Sysco frozen pulled chicken meat, sausage was Ekrich brand garlic and nowhere near any Spanish style sausage, rice was overcooked and long grain with zero socarrat (rice crust)...instead it was plopped down in a large bowl looking all the world like mediocre cafeteria pilaf; suckling pig has zero crunchy crust and the chunks were too big to have come from a true suckling pig (unless this pig had really bad separation anxiety when the weaning part came around)....sauce was orange marmalade with horseradish; Fireman's # 4 came out lukewarm; service was okay, once he saw us; entry needs a screen to block the hot air and sunlight gushing in every time the door opens; floor manager looked terrified and was shaking badly when pouring water; looked like the prices had risen in some cases by 40% over the original posted menu rates (which I fully expected). Overall, if you've never been to Spain, or have never eaten authentic Spanish cuisine, you might like it just fine....if you have, then you'll be disappointed. It's early yet...let's see how they respond to a crowd and if the chef/owners realize that Austin diners are a bit more sophisticated than they thought.