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Jul 4, 2008 04:00 PM

bymark report - summerlicious

I went to bymark today for their summerlicious lunch.
The room is lovely, the service was attentive and the menu was certainly appealing.
I ordered:
Yellow Fin Tartar with Pear Relish, crisp taro root and lime chili creme fraiche
Striped Bass baked in a banana leaf with coconut curry, braised onions and corriander
Carmalized Banana Cream Tart with coconut crisp and peanut butter mousse.

The portions were GENEROUS, the presentation was BEAUTIFUL, the flavors were OUTSTANDING.

For $20....this was unbelievable value. I cant wait to go back for Winterlicious.

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  1. We went to Bymark for dinner yesterday evening and we were so impressed. We just loved it. The service was wonderful, our waiter was friendly and joked with us, and the food was beautifully presented and delicious.

    We shared the duck confit and fava bean risotto with crisp crackle and natural reduction and house cured gravlax with sweet potato pancakes, mustard crème fraiche, sweet onion and chives.

    Oh my god. The gravlox was light and refreshing, but the risotto- I wanted to lick my plate it was THAT GOOD.

    We all had the infamous Bymark burger- great burger, but would I pay full price? The jury is still out on that one. But I did enjoy it immensely. The real star of the dish though? The onion rings. Three gorgeous thick cut rings dipped in a light batter (tempura?). Perfectly crisp, not greasy. I thought I heard choirs of angels, LOL

    We also shared both desserts-Rosewater pavlova on fresh tropical fruit salad with lemon mousse drizzled passion fruit sauce and caramelized banana cream tart with coconut crisp and peanut butter mousse. Both desserts were great, but, after the burger and risotto, I preferred the lighter pavlova. It was not too sweet, not too tart, and in the words of baby bear, just right.

    What we really appreciated was that we were not rushed at all during dinner, which is what we've experienced elsewhere. There was a nice flow between courses, we had time to savour our meal and chat. I think we were there for just over two hours?

    Here are the photos (none of the gravlox, it just didn't turn out right)

    1. i went to bymark a few years back and by and large this was the hit of the show.

      i did find their lunch portions a bit on the teensy side but the service was impeccable and the food absolutely delicious. they should be held as the standard for licious events. i'm glad that they seem to be offering items that would normally be on their menu, much more of a boon to the event and restaurant as well. this all sounds so tasty that i'm tempted to make a reservation this year again. thank you for the reminder that there are some people who can do it right.

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        pinstripeprincess....on our way out we asked if we could get another reservation for lunch OR dinner coz we were so impressed. The hostess informed us that they sold out after two days. But I would still ya never know, right?
        I also had a fantastic dinner at Greg Couillards Spice and Chutney restaurant (not sure of the exact name) in hazelton lanes. It was another spectacular, service, portions, presentations, name it.
        Hope you find a "worthy" summerlicious event to attend.