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Jul 4, 2008 03:56 PM

Where to take 17 year old boy in Oakville/Burlington?

This is my first post on Chowhound. I have enjoyed browsing the site for many years, and based on recommendations from this website I have tried many new places & foods around the Greater Toronto Area. Finally, I am stumped enough to post a question.

My 17 year old nephew from London, England will be staying with us for 3 weeks this summer. There will be plenty of homecooked meals, but we like to dine out and want to take him out for meals as often as possible.We are looking for cool new restaurants, food courts, hangouts in the Oakville/Burlington area. My husband and I are thirtysomething, open to trying new places but we are finding it challenging to come up with restaurants other than the usual Jack Astors, Keg, Starbucks etc where a 17 year old boy would enjoy. Does anyone know of interesting cafes, restaurants, hangouts where we could take him?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, I look forward to your replies.

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  1. If you don't mind driving to Hamilton, he (and you) would probably enjoy the Chicago-style pizza place out there. I can guarantee that unless he's been to Chicago, he's never had pizza like this before.

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      Do you happen to know the name of the place? Thanks!

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        Sure, here's a recent thread with all the pertinent info:

    2. Coming from England, he might enjoy a good curry. Search Oakville and Burlington in the places hub and check the results for Indian restos. When you click on a place link, you will see all the related threads below.

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        Yes, he loves curry. We've taking him to downtown Toronto, going along Gerrard St for a day trip, lots of Indian places there. I will check out your link, thank you!

      2. In Oakville definately Stoneys Bread Company for great sandwiches/pizza and a killer sunday brunch..
        In Burlington, the downtown area would have a few places. For a nicer meal on the water, Spencers. For a more relaxed, casual meal Emma's Back Porch (atmosphere is lively for a teenager).
        Also, The Rude Native on Brant is quite popular and lively, especially the rooftop patio.
        Village Square would have a couple of places..Mantra for Indian, It's All Greek to Me for greek, a sushi restaurant (forget the name!), My Thai for thai..
        And Dickens or Poacher for pub food (the Dickens and Rude Native often have live does Spencers on Thurs I think..)
        Joe Dogs on Brant is a sports bar with lots of live music, pool tables, etc and a popular younger place.

        1. How about Spoon and Fork on Trafalfar Road? It's got a ton of variety--Thai/Chinese and a killer Spring Roll platter appetizer : )

          1. Sweet Smoke, right on the Oakvilla/Burlington border

            I'd be willing to wager he's never had a delicious smoked pulled pork sandwich covered in BBQ sauce and topped with cole slaw

            They make a great sandwich

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              I second Sweet Smoke - that place is so good, especially for the GTA BBQ scene. Mr. Cheeze tried the burger on a recent trip - it can be cooked to something other than "shoe leather". He got it medium - he said it was very juicy, fresh bun, topped with crisp pancetta and real old/sharp cheddar. He would definitely get it again. He wouldn't even let me have a bite! :P

              As for another poster's suggestion of Spoon & Fork - I have not been to the Trafalgar one, but I have been to the one in Clarkson. it was awful. Trying too hard to be all things to all people, too many pan-Asian dishes, no discernable flavour to any of them. Won't go back

              Go to Chicago Pizza Shack in Hamilton. SOOOOO so good. we went on a Sunday night around 7.30ish/8pm. No line up/no wait at all. I think we got very lucky