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Jul 4, 2008 03:49 PM

Good sushi in Madison, WI??

Can anyone recommend a good sushi restaurant in Madison, WI?

Just moved there and would like to find a good sushi place.

Would appreciate any recommendations.


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  1. I can personally recommend Takumi on East Washington (near the Pier 1 and Noodles): a great value and really awesome selection. Others have high praise for Sushi Muramoto on Midvale (in the Hilldale shopping center) and Takara on State.

    Madison is steadily becoming a great sushi town in the Midwest, and Shinji Muramoto's presence is no small reason. He's the proprietor of Sushi Muramoto, Restaurant Muramoto (on King, soon to move to a new location on the same street), and a forthcoming unnamed venture (to occupy the old site).

    1. I'd second the recommendation of Muramoto, but qualify it by saying that I've had better luck with the older, downtown location than the Hilldale one. Either would certainly do in a pinch. Stay far away from the old-school (in the bad sense of the word) Ginza of Tokyo, and if you go to Wasabi on State St., concentrate on the shrimp tempura rolls -- they're a really nice balance of mayo dressing and crunchy coating. And yes, yes, I recognize how shrimp tempura rolls are declasse and not really sushi, etc. etc. Fact is: They're delicious.

      I've been to Takara a couple of times, and was neither impressed nor offended. It's like a modern update of Ginza, and if you like seeing volcanic flames shoot out of a tower of onions on a hibachi grill, it's a good choice.

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        Thanks for the recommendation - sounds like Muramoto is the place!

        I also did some online research and found a place called Edo Japanese (2 locations - one on Monona Drive and the other on S. Park Street).

        Have you heard of it and is it any good?


        1. re: ngtybtnice

          I would recommend the Edo on Park St. as very simple, straightforward sushi that is significantly less expensive than Muramoto. It's my go-to takeout sushi on non-cooking, non-fancy nights. As is the sushi they sell at the Willy St. Co-op. Pretty good for grocery store sushi.

          I still don't believe that Madison is becoming a great sushi town...I've certainly had better in Chicago and Milwaukee. But there are options now, which is nice.

          Hughes Seafood, in Brennan's on University or the original Seafood Center on Whitney Way are great places to get fish if you want to make your own

          1. re: itsbubbles

            Thanks everyone.

            This is really going to help.

            1. re: itsbubbles

              "Not becoming a great sushi town." I gotta disagree. Consider: population relative to MKE and Chicago; proximity to oceanic shipping routes; proximity to major international airport; atmosphere (urban for urbanity's sake vs. college/state government hub).

              The fact that Madison offers what it does for sushi puts it, in my mind, firmly on the path to "great sushi town" status.

        2. Sushi Muramoto has great sushi, as well as everything else on their menu! One of Madison's true jewels.

          1. I lived in Madison for three years and loved Muramoto (downtown on King St.) for its interesting fushion food. If you would really like to try Muramoto, go on Sunday for the chef's tasting menu.Otherwise, I recommend the duck mango roll. But for simpler and more traditional sushi, I think Takumi is the better choice. Although, I don't think you can go wrong with either.

            1. I have been to both Takumi and Muramoto within the last week and thought both were great. As with any sushi it is dependent on your ordering. Takame was traditional while Mura was more exciting. Do not do the Hibachi at Takame without lots of wine. Sushi was very good the second time as i saw stuff the chefs did better.