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Jul 4, 2008 03:09 PM

Summer must be time for the Back Eddy? [Moved from Boston Board]

We recently had the saddest excuse for a $72 dinner at Westport's Back Eddy. Slow service (quiet night) mostly raw crabcakes, great corn chowder, and mediocre tuna. We sure do miss Chris Schlesinger's influence! It still is the best sunset watching on the back dock complete with a bar and hot appetizers, but the restaurant is resting on its laurels of old. Time for a new manager and how about a re-vamping of the menu?

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  1. I agree with you on the food there. I have never had anything good there. It is too bad because it is a great location. I think years ago they were featured in Gourmet magazine weren't they? Hmmmm

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      Went to Back Eddy today and had no problems with the food. The stuffed clams were the best i've had in a long time. (Since Christie's in Newport went out of business) The black and blue tuna was tasty with some nice sticky rice. Spouse had the salt cod salad and loved it. What have you had there that wasn't good?

    2. About a month later, I'll pop in to say that I had a very nice, quite simple meal at the Back Eddy this weekend. I had terrific grilled striped bass, great slabs of sweet heirloom tomato and new potato salad with herbs. Started with good oysters and good but not great, chowder. My companion had steamers, which she loved. Mixed drinks were strong and the service kind and attentive.

      It's certainly not cheap, and I will say that I found the food a bit undersalted, but it's a great end to a beach day!