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Jul 4, 2008 02:33 PM

what & where to eat: 3 lunches, 2 dinners

I'm picking up some folks at the Newark airport around lunch, then driving to the Woodbury Commons. (lunch1)Then from the Central Valley to White Plains to stay a night. (dinner1) We drive from White Plains to Flushing.(lunch2)Then we'll be in Manhattan for the rest of the duration. (dinner2, lunch3)

Lunch? near or in-between Newark and Central Valley, NY
Dinner? near or in-between Central Valley and White Plains
Lunch? near or in-between White Plains and Flushing
Dinner? near midtown Manhattan
Lunch? near SOHO/Penn station

Suggestion, recommendations?

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  1. Can't comment on Central Valley or Manhattan meals, but, in terms of White Plains: There are lots of restaurants here. What types of food do you like? What price range(s)? Convenience to lodging? There are quite a few threads here, the most recent mostly dealing with the new restaurants in our expanding downtown, mostly fairly pricey. If you give us some more clues, it might help.

    1. In White Plains - La Bocca or Boe for Italian, Asian Temptation for Asian Fusion, BLT Steak in the Ritz Carlton or Mortons, Legal Seafood.

      1. Ah, thanks-- I should have included more info.

        If I can be picky, I'd like to try a variety of places, even if a bit out of the way from our itinerary. Our price range is fairly open.

        Any well reputed local flavor spots (For instance, we're considering dropping into Ft.Lee on the way from Newark to Central Valley, for an authentic Korean lunch)

        And perhaps some 'more to our taste' spots. We tend to like light, clean meals-- Not heavy on oils, cream, seasonings, or starch. Organic, or 'grown in our own garden' type places, Californian cusine types, specialty health concept places (like raw/vegan/gluten-free, etc.)