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Jul 4, 2008 02:06 PM

Picnic lunch for Alcatraz tour

We are taking the 11:00 A.M. Alcatraz tour on Sunday morning and would like to buy a picnic lunch before we leave. I can't seem to find any places that open that early on Sunday. We're staying at the Marriott on 4th Street and could probably order some takeout from them, but would prefer something yummier than restaurant food. Suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Most of the vendors in the Ferry Plaza are open by 10 on Sunday morning. Then you could just hop on the streetcar to go to the Alcatraz ferry terminal.


    1. Surprisingly Boudin a few steps away from the Alcatraz market has a good selection of picnic supplies and it is not all tourist schlock but well-regarded food products.

      They carry some cowgirl creamery cheese (and a few others), local salamis (I forget which but I think both molinari and columbus), breads (obviously), wines, etc. They even sell Swanton strawberry jam.

      I'm not sure what time the downstairs bakery/market opens but I've picked up coffee there at 8am.

      There's also a Safeway a few blocks away in Fisherman's Wharf

      1. I second the Ferry Terminal - out the door (slanted door take-out window), miette for meringues, r. larder.

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          Out the door is closed on Sunday.

          Maybe it is my own shopping habits and need to be on time ... but the shops are not open BY 10 am at Ferry Plaza they open AT 10 am. The tour is at 11 am. That doesn't leave a lot of time to shop and purchase. The street cars run less frequently on Sunday. I'd have concern about hooking up with that tour on time.

        2. Just a word of caution: the smell of guano all over the island can really ruin your appetite. My very nice S.O. packed a picnic lunch for us, but I wasn't able to really enjoy the meal and the scenery because of the (to me) overwhelming odor of seagull poop everywhere.